High Schools Pros And Cons Of Studying In Welsh

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Pros And Cons Of Studying In Welsh

The ability to communicate effectively in both English and Welsh both in writing and verbally can be a key advantage for Welsh students. Studying in Welsh can develop your skills and give you a competitive advantage in the jobs market because there are not many people who are able to speak more than one language. Being able to converse in two language means that you have twice as many skills and there is a clear demand in Wales for people who can communicate in both languages.

Some of the advantages to studying your degree in Welsh include:

Smaller Classes

The number of students attending Welsh lectures and seminars are generally lower, meaning that classes are friendly and tutors have more time to support each student. This means that you will have more time to focus on coursework writing or preparing for exams. In addition, you will get to know your fellow peers and tutors much better which can have a positive impact on your overall grade.

Translingual Skills

One of the main benefits of studying through this is that you can also make use of English resources when writing notes can facilitate understanding.

Financial Support 

Students can access a range of scholarships which are only available to student studying in Welsh. Part of the scholarship will also provide you with the opportunity to undertake a period of work experience, relevant to your subject area which will only serve as an added bonus when it comes to job searching when you graduate. Employers are now looking for much more than a good degree qualification; they want to see a combination of skills, knowledge and experience. The majority of Welsh language degrees provide eligibility for scholarships and bursaries.

Teaching Methods

When studying in Welsh, teachers use a variety of innovative techniques and strategies to support the more traditional methods of learning. Techniques include multimedia learning materials, residential sessions, online resources, video conferencing and more. If you then seek support from UK assignment writers, you are more likely to succeed in your studies.

All things considered, there doesn’t seem to be any major disadvantages to studying a degree in Welsh. There are lots of things heavily weighted in favour of studying in Welsh such as access to funding, more opportunities and improved quality of education. Perhaps the only drawback is that studying in Welsh can be a little restrictive at times because the learning materials are in Welsh you may find that you are having to double up on resources to obtain copies in English. That being said though, you have a lot to gain by studying your degree in Welsh.

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