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Review Of Belmont University In Nashville, Tennessee

A review of Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee should help you to decide if the academic programs, student activities, and city surroundings are sufficiently to our liking to spend four years there. Of course if you love country music and all things country then considering Belmont University may be like a fantasy in the process of becoming. But get a grip there is lots more to a review of Belmont University, Nashville Tennessee then just admiring its location in country music central.

Belmont University, a teaching university.

Among colleges and universities there is a definite distinction between two different types of institutions. There are research institutions where faculty, graduate and some undergraduate students are actively focused on the carrying out research projects in many areas of learning. While these schools offer undergraduate programs there is sometimes the sense that the real faculty concentration is on the research aspect of their work.

The second type of university leaves the research to others and concentrates on working diligently with underclassmen as they attempt to master a variety of academic disciplines. These schools pride themselves as being teaching colleges or universities. Some schools actively attempt to be both.

Belmont University, since its early days has stayed true to its tradition of operating as a teaching institution with a faculty dedicated to its work in classroom. Belmont began as a school for women and was located on the grounds of a pre-Civil War mansion. It was not until 1951 that the school became coed and finally in 1991 it was officially recognized as Belmont University. Throughout its history teaching has always come first at Belmont.

The Nashville Neighborhood

Living on the Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee definitely gives you the feeling of life in a different point in history. The old mansion, present at the founding of Belmont is still on campus and adds to the Southern heritage of this school.

For many students who come to Belmont University, Nashville,Tennessee there is a real thrill in the air because they know that they are living in what many folks call “Music City”. There is a reason why Nashville, Tennessee has been given that nickname. Music seems to be the life blood of this city. While country-western music may dominate the scene, plenty of other musical tastes are honored too. During a four year stay at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee you will find that you are only a few short miles ( and of course the price of ticket ) away from some of the greatest names in music today.

Some people who are history buffs like to go to school in a city like Washington, DC. For those interested in marine life there are schools in Florida or California. But if you really need your music around you, reviewing Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee is not such a bad idea. Students with a deep interest in music will love being adjacent to Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee

The Academic Picture Of course attending Belmont University is not all about living in Nashville, you really do need to do things like pick a major and go to class and get a degree. At Belmont University you will find 60 different degree producing pathways to follow. For a school with just under 5,000 students, Belmont University does an excellent job in providing lots of avenues for academic choice. And students venture in many different directions. You will meet lots of students who are studying in popular majors like business, marketing and health sciences. Because of its connection to the Baptist Church it is not surprising to learn that Belmont University also features an undergraduate college of religion. There is plenty of academic diversity at Belmont but gradually you will discover that almost 40 % of the student body is in town to study in visual and performing arts. If your interest lies in this area, what better combination then to study the arts in a city that so reverences the celebration of on stage music .

Regardless of your choice of a major you will be pleased to learn that another positive part of the academic picture at Belmont University is that a concentrated effort is made to maintain small class sizes to deliver the best quality of academic product. There are noticeably very few classes with more than 40 students in a class giving students the chance to experience more interactive classes and become more than a student identification number to their professor.

On Campus Life There is certainly more to attending Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee then spending every free minute in downtown Nashville. Belmont has plenty of on campus activities to offer. Students will find they can connect on campus with other like minded students to pursue hobbies, personal interests, religious affiliations, political concerns and service options. Not surprisingly on campus at Belmont University there are also many music and theater related groups providing the opportunity to perform or so enjoy a performance on a regular basis.

Belmont University may have lots of performing arts majors, but there is also some performing going on in athletic venues. Belmont University fosters the development of both a healthy mind and a healthy body and so is proud of the fact that its young men and women participate at the NCAA Division I level of intercollegiate athletic competition in 17 sports. As a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference Belmont is a frequent post season participant and is frequently the league’s representative to the NCAA post season basketball tournament. Granted the Atlantic Sun Conference is not the Atlantic Coast Conference but this is still top level competition that can lead the way to dramatic league match ups and exciting post season play.

Whatever activities you select and whatever courses you take you should know that your choices will be valued and that Belmont University is a school dedicated to surrounding its students with Christian support and care.

The bottom line, always of interest to students, you can get this educational experience set in Nashville, Tennessee for approximately 80% of the national average for private school expense. Knowing that you are getting a bargain always sweetens the deal.

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