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Role of technology in education

We have been observing in the recent times that Internet seems to improve the education system across the globe. Personal computers are outdated and are well replaced by tablets. Install the Internet in schools and make sure that all school children have the new tablets at their home. If you need all of them to learn simultaneously get them connected for an easy approach. This is the order of the day, where the technology at its best for the school education. What more you need? Yes you have more gadgets for different applications for students at various levels.


Technology has impacted the education sector as it has influenced the other sectors in the society. By majority the impact of technology on education is bordered on the positive aspect only. Hence many institutions have opened themselves with an idea of using technology in every field of their syllabus. These educational institutions have realized the role of technology in delivering and improving the educational services.


Technology of recent times


The impact of technology is truly immense considering the changing trends and needs of the present time. Its uses in the field of computer science, biology or even in mathematical sciences are really amazing. It is not only helps in the teaching and training methods but also creates a correct mindset to the learning students.


The use of technology in education is still debatable but looking through the changes seen in the modern world one has to accept the drawbacks as  positives always outweighs the negative ones. However ‘a survey conducted by few teachers has observed that attention of the students is very much altered by using the digital technologies’ asserted Dubai Chronicle.


Over twenty years computers are in use in the American classrooms with billions of dollars have been spent by all American schools put together. Computers have integrated across the school curriculum in all subjects like art, music, literature, science and engineering. They are used to create and support clubs, summer classes, science fairs and many mentoring programs. With the internet facility students have huge opportunities to teach themselves many life lessons. Technology used in the class rooms helps the students to absorb the study materials easily. As some pupils are visual learners, the projection screen linked with computers allow the students to see their notes instead of listening the lengthy lectures.


Computer software can be replaced by the traditional curriculum. Such software programs provide many study questions of interactive nature so that students can learn things without any fear. This seems to be one of the best features in the class room training using the technology. Technology also helps the kids of the present era to learn lessons in advance even before their admission into schools.


It is very evident to notice that use of technology in the area of education found to be very effective for some specific domain of the learners. Specialized subjects like engineering, medicine, advance mathematics etc needs specific use of technology that helps the students in their learning process.

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