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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

It is highly likely that you have heard, read or even owned a Samsung Galaxy S3 in the past and the introduction of a newer and better version only gets your heart beating faster and makes you feel like you want to go and upgrade to the Galaxy S4 instantly. What you are both feeling and thinking are perfectly normal, especially in this age when people go for the best devices that money can buy. Although both handsets look starkly familiar and similar to one another, there remain some features that separate one from the other. Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a lot of new things and features to offer consumers but the question is: are these new features enough for it to be considered a revolutionary smartphone, just like its predecessor? To answer the question and clear all the clouds of doubt, here’s an in-depth review of Samsung’s most prized smartphones.

The Design

You have probably noticed that both handsets look very similar. But if there is one thing that you should have noticed is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks sleeker due to the firm metal cover that took the place of the cheaper plastic outer seam cover sported by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Size Matters

When it comes to size, Samsung smartphones are known for being wider and larger compared to other smartphones available in the market today. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 are about the same size but there is one notable difference and it is the fact that the S4 is relatively thinner than the S3. When it comes to weight, though, the S4 is a bit lighter than its predecessor.

The Display

It is well established that when it comes to size and weight, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 do not really stray from one another. The display, on the other hand, tells a different story. With the Samsung Galaxy S4, the South Korean conglomerate went for a bigger and wider screen display which measures 4.99 by 0.2 inches. S3 fans pointed out that although a bigger and wider screen provides users with a better viewing experience, it also becomes a flaw of the device. Reaching from one side to another when switching or opening other applications proved to be quite the challenge for some people, especially for those with relatively smaller hands. The screen resolution is a winning point for the S4, though. It has a 1080×1920 Full HD resolution and 441 ppi which produces crisp and very clear images that are perfect for gamers and avid movie fans. However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t that far behind. It has a resolution of 720×1280 which is already quite impressive for a smartphone.


If you use your smartphone for activities like gaming or hours of VoIP phone calls then the S4’s increased processing power would definitely benefit you. The RAM was upgraded to 2 GB.

The Camera

Let’s face it. Most people choose to buy the latest smartphones because of the quality of pictures they produce. Most often, smartphones double as handy digital cameras that capture the mundane to the most interesting parts of the day. Probably one of the reasons why S3 users chose to upgrade to the S4 is its camera. From the S3’s 8 megapixel camera, the S4’s 13 megapixel is certainly a stunner which has the capability to produce gorgeous and crisp photographs.

Improved Battery

Unlike Apple’s iPhone, the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 are both removable. The S4 has a battery of 2600mAh which is actually an improvement from S3’s 2100mAh. Obviously, Samsung Galaxy S4 can stand and last longer hours as compared to the S3. This is good news for users who rely on their smartphones for almost everything, day in and day out.

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