High Schools Schools are using modern technology for study

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Schools are using modern technology for study

Poverty should not be a hindrance on the way of study and this has been proved by the schools like Lockhart School, Monarch elementary schools, and Foster Park in the county Buffalo.

Recently a chart was disclosed about the academic performance of various schools on the basis of the level of poverty. Various grades like A, B, C etc. were given to them. The above stated schools performed really well, and the poverty level in this county was 80.4 percent in the school year 2011-12.

According to the experts, this has become possible because of wonderful teaching skill and the use of various modern technologies in study. According to them, it has not happened in a single year. The poor students had various hindrances. However, they have been taught well, and many new technologies have been used to teach them properly throughout some last years. They are now getting the result of that effort.

Schools are using modern technology for study

Well, the classrooms have been made equipped with all the necessary technologies and then the teachers have been trained about how to use those technologies so that they can properly guide the students using those technologies.

There are various technologies to help the study in these schools. One of them is clickers. This technology is used from the 5th grade. This technology helps the teachers to make the assessments of the students instantly. The students do not use pencil and papers for writing in the class. They use this clicker to click their answers on the smart board.

Thus the teacher will be able to see the answers quick. The students also enjoy this because this clicker is like a remote. The use of this technology has increased discipline in the class. It has also improved the overall performance of the students is well.

Not only this one, now in these schools computers, projectors and iPads are used to teach the students. Students also like a lot to use these gadgets for their study. They are getting more and more engaged in study because of the use of these gadgets.

In fact in the iPads there are various applications which can help the students to study better. All these new technologies have made the study more enjoyable and entertaining. Now the tests are taken by the help of computers where they have to drag and drop their answers. Therefore the way of taking the examinations will also be quick.

Well, in such a scenario, the need for making the teachers trained with the new technologies has become utmost necessary. This is also taken care of by the school authorities. Innovation in the teaching process has also been brought into study. With the help of these technologies the teachers are also changing their teaching style accordingly to help the students.

The students are also getting much more interest for the study which is proved by the very good performance of afore stated schools in the current year though there was poverty. New ways of study with the help of technology has won the battle against poverty.

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