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Should I Take an Online GMAT Prep Course?

Are you looking at taking the GMAT sometime in the not-so far off future? If so, then it is understandable that you probably have a case of the nerves when it comes to preparing for your big day. Fortunately, there are some great study resources that can help you do your best, and taking advantage of them can dramatically lower your test-day jitters. One option to consider is online GMAT prep courses. These aren’t for everyone, so it is helpful to look over their finer points:

Self-directed learning. Online GMAT prep courses can be a great study aid for those who are disciplined enough to direct their own learning. Some people rely on the support and encouragement of a teacher in a classroom setting, and you simply won’t get that when you use an online method to study. If you are not adept at self-directed learning, then an online GMAT prep course might not be the best study option for you.

Score improvement guarantee. One of the great thing about many of the more well-known and reputable GMAT test prep organizations is that they guarantee you will be able to raise your GMAT score by taking their online prep course, or else you are offered either your money back or a second round of test prep for free. However, this guarantee comes with some stipulations. There are specific qualification guidelines for claiming this guarantee, and you are also expected to do everything you can outside of the study course to optimize your score (homework, attending each lesson, self-study, etc.).

Convenience. When you take an online test prep course, you benefit from being able to sit in on your study sessions any day, any time. As long as you are committed to studying consistently, you can work an online GMAT prep course around your schedule, even if your life is full of other responsibilities. For example, gmat practice at veritastprep.com is available at any time.

Cost. If you plan on taking an online GMAT prep course, then you can expect to have to come out of pocket for the benefits offered by such courses. If you cannot afford the extra cost, then you may be better off taking advantages of free resources in the library and on the Internet. However, prep course prices can vary greatly and some come with only a minimal cost, so it pays to shop around before you decide whether or not you can invest in a GMAT prep course.

Before you decide whether or not you should spend your money and time on an online GMAT prep course, it is helpful for you to consider all of the factors involved. Weigh these elements against each other when choosing your best GMAT study option.

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