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Store And Save Successfully

For anyone who has a laptop or a desktop, no experience is more devastating, heart-wrenching, upsetting and angering like the loss of files or data due to a pc malfunction, corruption or a crash. Now you have got the privilege of completing your MBA degree from the comfort of your home. I remember when I was younger and had to share the family desktop, I thought everything would be safe by just assigning myself my own little folder on the system that I could save all the music I downloaded plus pictures, games, documents and even some whole web pages that I really liked. I even looked into and downloaded a program that could lock the file itself with 3 layers of security. I felt very safe and I loved having the ability to entering in passwords to get to the files that had literally taken me hundreds of hours to develop. If you’re a movie buff, music lover or just someone who values the files you save, you know how long it takes to develop a filing system on your computer that works for you. I would rush home from high school to go to the computer, enter my passwords and get in the file that I’d spent over two years developing. One day I rushed home as usual and put on the computer – or at least tried to. A blue screen flashed and sent up a wall of white text. I was immediately scared and panicked because the only words that jumped out to me on this ivory wall of foreboding text were “fatal error” “corrupt files” and “cannot be accessed”. This may sound extreme but I literally cried that evening. When we finally got a tech to come visit our home to diagnose and hopefully fix the problem, with a solemn look on his face he told us the pc would have to be formatted and that nothing could be retrieved. In my childish naïveté, I asked if he could at least find my files to which he sorely replied “No.” When you lose the information and files you took forever to develop and acquire, it is a very depressing and disorienting experience, especially when you’re informed that you can’t get any of them back.

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who has lost files due to a malfunction in their computer or even due to personal human error, I know that you share my pain. If you’ve never lost a file at all, please relish in just how incredibly lucky you are to never have experienced such pain in your life. Over the years storage or rather safe storage for your files has been developed by the powers that be. From floppy disks to cd’s to flash drives, they have all come in to save us from both human and technical error. But even those items have failed at some point. Floppy disks were way too fragile and certainly couldn’t hold enough. Cd’s were great at storing several types of files, but one scratch could render them completely useless and the flash drives that people came to love en masse sometimes got lost or damaged because of how small they were. When it comes to storage nothing beats an external hard drive. For good examples of this product you can visit to find the most affordable offerings on the market to-date.

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