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Struggling to Get Ahead? Make Yourself Stand Out From the Crowd

A promotion is perhaps the most common desire of employees. However, many find themselves in the same role for five, ten or even 15 years longer than they planned. The best way to get ahead and earn a promotion is to make yourself a noteworthy candidate.

What Can Make You Stand Out

There are several techniques that will help you distinguish yourself from your coworkers. Adopt the following strategies to show your boss that you are worthy of a promotion.

  • Seek Mentors – A recent study by Quint Careers, a resource devoted to career advancement, found that four out of five promotions were given to those who had a mentoring relationship with someone higher up in the company. Many companies offer formal mentoring programs for their employees, but if your company does not, you can still reach out to those in higher positions and let them know your career goals. Don’t be embarrassed to directly ask for a mentoring relationship. In addition to helping you network your way to the top, you will also learn valuable skills from your mentor that can help you in future roles.
  • Request Projects and Responsibilities – Waiting for superiors to assign you work and then quickly completing it identifies you as an excellent employee in your current role; however, it does not set you apart from similar employees. Instead, be the one who regularly asks to work on that next big project. You can even suggest projects that will expand your current work and help you become all the more productive. This illustrates that you are trying to save the company time, which translates directly into saving the company money. It also shows your supervisors that you are capable of handling large projects.
  • Speak Up! – According to CareerBuilder, you should make sure your superiors know who you are and that you are a valuable employee. It’s rare for the reserved employee to appear as an ideal candidate for a promotion. Let your voice be known by taking part in team discussions; don’t hesitate to share your opinions and ideas. However, be careful that you only do so in a positive way. Do not be the employee that is constantly complaining about his job responsibilities or company processes.

Prepare to Market Yourself

This allows you to pursue other companies and industries. Even if you don’t wish to leave your current employer, having a more marketable resume increases your value. It will also help you become a more tempting candidate for a promotion. One way that you can make yourself more marketable is by receiving additional education. Advanced degrees are becoming highly sought-after, so earning one is in your best interest. For example, if you wish to be a viable candidate for healthcare management careers, you will need to meet the proper education requirements. Don’t underestimate the importance of education when it comes to getting promoted. An advanced degree conveys that you are a go-getter who can be trusted with additional responsibilities.

In Time, You Will Get Ahead

Earning that big promotion is an achievable goal. The most important factor in receiving a promotion is to make sure you do not fade into the background at your workplace. Speak up, seek mentors and request more responsibilities. Furthermore, take time to pursue an advanced degree that will increase your marketability. This degree will help make you eligible for an internal promotion and help your superiors realize they risk losing you to another organization. With dedicated effort, you will be promoted sooner rather than later.

Ethan Morrow is a contributing writer who is earning his healthcare administration online degree. He worked at the same health care company for nine years, and it wasn’t until he sought out a mentor, and requested additional responsibilities, that he was promoted.

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