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The Benefits Of French Creative Translation

With most marketing materials you generally expect them to be in English. If you want to reach another audience like France, you have to invest in translation services. French creative translationenables you to reach another audience and potentially increase your business revenue.

But what are the real benefits of hiring someone for creative translation for French people? Let’s discuss the benefits and you’ll discover why this could be a viable option for your company.

Reach an Audience

 Whilst most French people speak English because they learn it in school, this is no excuse for not converting it into their mother tongue. Being able to give your customers the choice of putting it into their mother tongue makes it more likely you’ll reach a fresh audience. There are so many benefits to reaching another audience.

Firstly, you open up brand new markets. Many successful companies find themselves creating separate websites and teams to deal with major markets in France and elsewhere. This gives you yet another stream of income you can use to grow your operation.


 What is creative translation and how does it differ from normal translation?

A simple example of conventional translation would be putting some text into a program like Google Translate and copying what comes up, with some slight adjustments. Someone who deals in creative translation can change the sentences slightly to suit the context.

The Benefits Of French Creative Translation

 A creative translator will have spent a significant period of time in the country whose language he’s translating. In most cases, he will live over there now.

Converting your text using context makes your message clearer. It also helps with things like colloquialisms. It’s fine to use colloquialisms in English, but French people probably wouldn’t understand them. And likewise, French colloquialisms wouldn’t be understood by English listeners.

Get a creative translator and they will remove these colloquialisms and change them into something which your international audience can understand.


 None of the above benefits actually explain why you would use French over Spanish, German, and Italian.

France is the closest country to an English audience. Both countries have a close history and it’s what a lot of English-speaking companies tend to do first. Despite the fact we speak a Germanic language and they speak a Romantic language, we understand each other.

France is a huge audience and it imports lots of British culture. It’s a logical target market for UK companies.

France isn’t the only French-speaking country open to you. By translating your marketing material into French, you also target former French colonies like Algeria, as well as former British colonies like the Canadian province of Quebec.

Cost Effective

 All these benefits are available to you. Yet they’re also available to you at low prices. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to employ the services of a professional translator. It’s a saturated market and you can find creative translators in all price brackets. It depends what you want and how much you want to convert into the French language.

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