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The Big Thing About Phone Systems With Access To The Internet

A phone system is simply a connection of phones that share a single line. Because of this, calls can be routed to different phones and enable the owner of a small business and his/her associates to handle several calls coming from their customers. The benefit that can be had from using a phone system is the customer does not have to wait for several minutes before his/her call is attended to. One of the popular phone systems being used in small businesses today is PBX or private branch exchange. By means of PBX equipment which is actually a small box to which several phones can be connected, incoming calls can be routed to different phones. If your small business is using digital phones, you can transfer calls from one phone to another.

The limitation however of PBX is you can only accept calls going through a phone service provider’s communications equipment or calls coming from mobile phones which are also supported by a mobile service provider. But what about phone calls that makes use of the Internet? For this you need RingCentral IP PBX.

The difference of this phone system from the PBX that you know is that it allows you access to the Internet. Here are more features of this phone system that you would find very useful to have in your business.

You Don’t Need Another Line for Your Computers

Ordinarily, you usually have a separate line for your Internet connection.  This is particularly true if you are using an analog phone system. Now this can be expensive since you would have to pay separately for your phone line. But with the kind of PBX that allows you to access the Internet, you can have a single line which can be shared by your phones as well by your computers. You can just imagine how much money you can save with this kind of PBX.

Furthermore, you are able to talk to your customers on the phone while surfing the Internet for answers to some of their questions. Now this is not possible if your current phone line can only handle phone calls. You might end up telling the customer that you’d call him/her back after you look up on the Internet the information that he/she needs.

You Are Able to Make VoIP Phone Calls

Another thing about using PBX that has access to the Internet is you can take and make phone calls through the use of VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology enables you to make phone calls through the Internet with the use of your mobile phone or any kind of computer. This is a great money saver since you don’t pay for the number of minutes that you use up while you are talking over the phone. In addition to this, your callers can make phone calls from any location as long there is a good Internet service or Wi-Fi service. This means that your callers can make phone calls even if they are on a bus or on a train.

Because VoIP also allows for wireless communication, your phone network in the office can include those who are using mobile phones. That means incoming phone calls can be routed to a mobile phone even if that phone is in a remote location.

These are just some of the reasons why you should have this kind of PBX that allows you access to the Internet. With this kind of phone system, you would be able to reach more customers and make you more flexible in managing your business.  As a result, you would be able to increase the sales of your products or services.

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