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The Decline Iron Man: Iron Man 3

Again, marketing act up again and unfortunately all that was on the net about Iron Man 3 ended up being the disappointment of many fans for one of the most beloved trilogies in the Marvel universe.

On Saturday the movies with a clear mind and the same direction, we were listening to the famous songs of Black Sabbath and AC / DC to acclimate my way, and together with our special edition lenses they provided workers cinema chain blue to enjoy more 4DX format function.

He started the movie and the famous phrase: “We create our own demons” was present and listened to Tony relate an ordinary day in his life where the first 25 minutes as a spectator one is shocked by the presence of a terrorist capable U.S. to have in the palm of your hand and the destruction of the mansion Stark in seconds, which was awesome. It should be noted that it in the above format to feel all those special effects were great.

After this, the film falls off a disastrous way, do not know how to let that happen. They show us a Tony Stark worried about what happened last in The Avengers so we wonder if it was necessary to present it well. Why is the man that makes the suit, it only used three times in the whole movie?

Thanks to information circulating in the network we noted that Robert Downey Jr. wanted to close that chapter of your life, but I personally would have preferred to give him a dignified death superhero without so annoyed and tired prove this to play this character

In this installment Guy Pearce who plays Aldrich Killian, the villain of the film, was the real protagonist of the film to show how someone with a little intelligence, hunger for power and money can put the world upside down. In contrast, the performance of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin goes from having an excellent start to the actor gradually reveal to us many aspects of his character which disappointed us a lot, to the point that we were about to leave the room.

In the last ten minutes of the film rises again by Gwyneth Paltrow, who not only shows us the great body that is for his age but also that within every woman there is a warrior when it comes to saving the beloved.

After seeing the ending was impossible not to recall the Batman, The Dark Knight rises, a true copy of how to not finishing a trilogy.

For these reasons we consider valid leave the theater wondering things like Tony Why not pike in this movie? What occurred to me to pay to see it in 3D if you have more than four scenes? Why not see it in America?

In conclusion, we invite you to draw your own conclusions from what you see on the page, for me this installment lacks everything we saw in Iron Man 1 and 2. That as mentioned above shows a Robert Downey Jr Iron Man being annoyed and in a hurry to conclude this stage of his career.


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