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Published on May 3rd, 2014 | by Alice Aires


The Education Role In Turkey

Education is one of the key factors that contribute to economic development. There is no country which can achieve economic development without investing heavily in education of its people. Education enables people understand about people and the world. It helps to improve the social wellbeing of the entire society while also raising people’s creativity and enhancing entrepreneurship skills. It also plays a greater role in promoting social and economic progress.

Education Fuels Societal Progress:

Turkey nationals live in a society that is ever progressing. With this happening at a pretty fast rate, the society is demarcated into those who are educated and those who are not. The social image and reputation of citizens depends on your level of education. High level of education demarks you from the rest in the society thus making you stand out. With the many fragmented societies that make up Turkey, education can help make sure that the society develops at the fastest rate possible.

International Relations:

The world is becoming one huge community and as time progresses, there is a lot of cross border linkages. There is a lot of trade between countries which makes it important to learn about different laws and cultures that apply across different jurisdictions. Education helps people interact on a much better level and create understanding at a level which would not be otherwise possible. The international relations aspect of Turkish education can be proven by the many people who are destined for the country every year to acquire higher education. But before they leave their countries, they will need a Turkey visa.

Education For Optimum Growth:

For a country to achieve optimum growth and development, its citizens will need high level of education. Turkish nationals can have the knowledge and ability to make the most appropriate decisions based on the situation at hand. In most cases, people develop when their process of thought is informed by sets of knowledge and clear understanding of all forms of life. This makes citizens create their way of thinking. In the long run, they will become free and pave way for optimum growth.

National Stability:

There are many sectors that play a critical role in the stability of Turkey as a nation. As a matter of fact, sectors such as health, defense, education and public transport are very critical to the economy and the role which education plays in developing experts who will work in these fields and promote the stability of the nation. The stability of Turkey as a nation is achieved when its citizens have the right sets of skills which can help them contribute to economic development.

Technological Development:

To be at par with other nations that have embraced technology, Turkey will need to educate as many of its citizens as possible on matters technology. Among the technologies that are advancing pretty quickly include aerospace sciences, information technology, medicine and many more. With these in mind, the role which education plays in Turkey is huge.


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