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The Educational Value Of Travelling – Obtaining Personal Experience

Travelling is known to have great educational value. If books give students a theoretical learning, travelling gives them the practical knowledge. Students can learn from other people’s experience but there is no greater knowledge than the one provided by their personal experience. These experiences are kept and never forgotten.

Best Places to Learn When Travelling During School and College Days

Tours, excursions, expeditions and others which usually occur during school years has many practical benefits. These can strengthen the student’s learning abilities and make education fun and easy. Even if parents book for last minute holidays they can still plan a trip to a destination that will educate their children. The best places to visit when learning about history, economics, geography and science are historical sites, national institutions and laboratories. Lesson about environment, ecology and forest preservations are provided by slums, forests and industrially degraded places.  Those who want to learn about poverty and over population should visit villages.

The Educational Value Of Travelling – Obtaining Personal Experience

The Special Benefits of Travelling

Education is an ongoing process, so it never stops even if a person has already left school. Life itself is considered the biggest school people have and their experiences are the best teachers. Travelling can take people to different places and meet new friends with different languages and cultures. It is essential in understanding the life, emotion and character of various individuals. The practical knowledge that people may learn when travelling is matchless.

The Educational Value Of Travelling – Obtaining Personal Experience

  • Travelling can widen the horizon of an individual. The enjoyable and entertaining activities experienced in travelling can broaden the mind and enlarge the heart of a person. There are many interesting means of travelling these days which are fast, efficient, easy and economical. People can easily schedule tours to obtain rich and valuable information about a country. The more travel a person can make every year the wider and richer his education will be. Therefore, it is ideal for parents to take their children to educational trips to learn things at an early age. Travelling can teach them the oneness of various diversities in life and the value of education.

The Educational Value Of Travelling – Obtaining Personal Experience

  • Promotes the feeling of brotherhood and tolerance. It also can also motivate an individual to know more about his country, the people as well as its history and culture. Travel increases commercial and business activities which draws people together. It is through travelling that people develops genuine brotherhood and friendship.

Although the advancement of technology has provided many ways to educate people, it is still ideal to personally see the location. People can learn about the country through the internet and see pictures of their travel destination. However, they cannot interact with nature and the people as well as taste the food and then learn about their country first hand.

People who never go on a holiday usually have a narrow vision in life. Their outlook is limited only to theories they read from books and other sources. They will never realize the real greatness of a country without personally travelling to the place. Learning is certainly incomplete without travelling.


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