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The Food Wave of the Future: Food Truck Businesses Continue to Grow

From questionable sanitary conditions to TV fame, food trucks now have flocks of customers lined up to sample their meals. What happened that caused such a change? How did the food truck go from a place to get a greasy burger to the home of gourmet meals? More importantly, where can you learn more about starting your own food truck business?

Food Truck Popularity

There was a time when food trucks were looked down upon due to their unsanitary conditions. The customers were often poor factory or construction workers that needed a quick meal and food trucks went to these locations making the food convenient for the workers. Over time, food trucks have changed due to a number of factors. First of all, food trucks are now regulated like any other restaurant. Also, food truck businesses have grown substantially over the past decade. It’s not uncommon to walk up to a food truck in LA and order a gourmet meal.

Why Have Food Trucks Become So Popular?

Our society as a whole has changed. Food is no longer used to fuel our bodies. People have learned to enjoy food in a whole new way. It’s not uncommon to hear people discuss the texture, flavor combinations and contrasts, and other foodie lingo. People who want to share their love of cooking, but can’t afford a restaurant, find food trucks to be an affordable option. Restaurant owners have even given up their physical locations in exchange for food trucks because this option allows the business to go to the customer. Other restaurants have both physical locations and food trucks to meet the demand of their customers.

College Courses

Food trucks have become such big business that one student at Babson College started teaching a course called “The Food Truck Industry”. The course teaches students about the history of food trucks, regulations, and everything else they need to know about running such a business. The course is enhanced by the inclusion of guest speakers. Chances are that more and more colleges that offer culinary programs will begin to offer similar courses.

Food trucks have become big business and with good reason. Not only are food trucks more affordable to start, but operating a food truck gives business owners the ability to go where the customers are. The food trend has become so popular that college courses are now being taught to help students better understand this viable business opportunity. If you’d like to learn more about the food truck business, consult your local colleges and ask if food truck courses are available.

Depending on where you live, food trucks may not be available. An alternative is to use a food delivery service like or one local to you, to have your food picked up and delivered for you!

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