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The Google Glass Experience

The online and tech industry is currently celebrating the launch of the newest “It” product which is Google Glass. Considered to be one of the latest inventions to push the limits of innovation and technology, Google Glass, an Android-based headset, is certainly the very first of its kind. If you haven’t seen nor heard of Google Glass, it is actually a miniature computer that can be worn like spectacles. It functions as a powerful instrument that magically transcends a wide range of information and knowledge that the glass sends directly to the brain of the person wearing it. Amazing, right? But there are still people who are not so convinced with Google’s latest innovation so to find out more, here is a walkthrough of Google Glass’ astonishing features and what it can do to revolutionize the people’s lives.

The Hardware

Elegant and aesthetically pleasing—this is how industry experts describe Google Glass. It is an elegantly designed headset that is made up of titanium and plastic. For some, it is a simple headset that is thick at the edges and tapered at the middle. The design is rather simple especially when viewed from a distance but a close look gives the impression of a robust overall look. It also has a couple of nose grips that are made out of titanium which arch down to a nose pad made out of silicon that holds both in place.

The frame houses all the circuitry of glass which is neatly kept in a couple of plastic housings. One of these housing has the bone conductive speaker and the battery which are located at the back of the ear while the other housing holds the camera, display assembly and the processor which are located at the front. The side portion of the front part of the glass doubles as a track pad with its touch-sensitive feature. The design team of this product did a pretty good job with hiding the battery which can be bulky without causing imbalance to the overall weight of the device. Google Glass runs on a TI OMAP 4430 processor that comes with 1 gigabyte of RAM that could be paired with either a 16 or 12 gigabyte storage. This device is pretty amazing and the very first of its kind but one of its Achilles’ heels is the battery life. It only lasts for about five hours before it totally shuts down.

Be Connected

Google Glass functions like any other computer, although we still have to wait if it will be able to handle more intricate and complicated applications in the future. Users can easily be connected with Google Glass because of its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Contrary to popular belief, this device is totally independent, which allows users to walk freely wherever there is Wi-Fi and still be able to take full advantage of its features. This device is good news to people who run businesses even when they are outside the comforts of their own offices since Google Glass allows users to answer VoIP calls anytime and anywhere. The only downside of this wonderful feature is that local carriers may impose charges on users whenever the Internet connection fails or gets disrupted which can get pretty costly.

The Display

Google Glass’ display is something that would definitely capture anyone’s interest. All a user has to do is peek through transparent glass. The display can be barely seen because what it does is it minimally and very subtly refracts light. On the other hand, the reflective surface can be distinctly viewed from a 45 degree angle from above which is like watching on a 25-in HD TV from an 8-ft distance.

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