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The Must-Have Features Of A School Management System

School management system needs to be efficient and accurate enough to carry out all the tasks properly. You should check out the features of the software before buying it.

Most of the educational establishments in the present era use a school management system to carry out some of the most important tasks. However, many schools and colleges do not always find a school managements system to be up to the mark. In this case, they dump the software and head towards finding a different one.

Using poor quality software not only creates problems in the work of schools but also adds to the expenses, when the software needs a replacement. So, if you are a part of an educational establishment and is considering purchase of a software, check out if the software is equipped with all the required features. This would help you to spend money on the right software.

Key features a school management system should have:

User Friendly:

Most of the teachers and students in a school or college or any other educational institution do not have a lot of technical knowledge. So, the School Administration Software needs to be extremely user friendly. Complex software would cause users to make frequent mistakes which would create further issues. So, see to it that the software is use friendly and simple.

Bug Free:

New software and tools often have errors or bugs. These errors would not create problems if you are targeting a small number of audiences. But, in case the software covers audience from all around the globe, errors or bugs can diminish your reputation. So, go for software that is completely free from bugs.

High Level of Efficiency:

School management system software needs to have efficiency and speed in harmony. In case the tool consumes lot of time to respond, the users would not use it. So, make sure that you choose software after checking out its efficiency, accuracy and speed.


Large educational establishments often encounter data security problems. Since the software works in LAN, the data insecurity chances are high. So, the software you are buying should be equipped with security features to tackle and sort out any security concerns that may arise.

Database Backup:

The records of students and employees in an educational institution are stored in a database. In case of a crash of the software, the information contained in the database would be lost. So, the software needs to have an automated facility for database back up. This would prevent the loss of any data in case the system crashes.

Automated Report Generation:

Generation of reports is an important task of every educational institution. Reports may be staff reports, student performance reports, financial reports and many others. The software should have the ability to generate al such reports with speed and accuracy.

Compatibility with Intranet and Internet:

As the software is used by a huge number of users in large institutions, it needs to be compatible with intranet as well as internet.


These are the major features every school management should have. Using software equipped with all these features would be able to cater to all the needs of an educational establishment.

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