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The Number of Students Choosing to Study Abroad Increases by 38%

    • English-speaking countries make up 50% of the chosen destinations by these students
    • The Spanish population living abroad increased by 6.3% during 2012

27rd September 2013, Madrid. September is the time for change, new beginnings, ideas, aims and renewed vigour. With this wide range of possibilities, there are many students who are deciding to leave the own country to continue their studies and try their luck in a different place. However, students today are not just seeing this as the beginning of a new course, changing school or the start of a new student project; but as an opportunity to pursue another career path, study for a masters or another language, all of which are open to the thousands of workers trying to find an alternative to unemployment.

France is one of the most popular destinations. This country has seen an increase of almost 20% in the number of Spanish students registered in their universities, an increase largely due to factors such as it´s close proximity and the hike in numbers at Spanish universities.

And the figures speak for themselves. According to data from travel insurance company AVI International, Planet Studios insurance, especially designed for those studying abroad, has increased by 38 % in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of the previous year.

According to company data, 48.9% of the payouts to these students come after exams, particularly during the months of June, July and August, and lasts for five and a half months on average.

What do students look for when they move away?

Zoubida Madaoui, responsible for individual contracts with customers in AVI International, knows firsthand that security is one of the main concerns for those students who are about to embark on an adventure abroad. “When it comes to insurance, students seek health coverage, especially for trips to the hospital and everyday illnesses.  The information that is most requested is what should be done in case of an emergency and how to contact an emergency center”.

And the prevention of such emergencies is easy when it comes to travelling abroad. “It is essential to have insurance for the period of study abroad and to fully take advantage of its benefits, because there is always the chance of contracting an aliment such as “flu”, which in some English-speaking countries can cost at least $200 to treat”, explains Zoubida Madaoui. “In Asia for example, medical expenses continue to grow for even the most common of conditions, not to mention high costs related to hospitalization or medical evacuation. Without insurance, one medical evacuation can ruin an entire semester of the study abroad “.

Firsthand experiences

Idris Laïdies is a French student who has opted to study for five months in the US, with the key objective “to improve my English and practice the language every day.” For him, to go international is the future. “The future is out there. I consider it very important to experience living abroad and to at least start out working there before returning to my country”.

USA is one of the better destinations. “English-speaking countries, including the U.S. and Canada, account for half of all student travel insurance policies “, Zoubida Madaoui concludes. This finding makes sense because, as Idris Laïdies says, “Canada is a country that seems to be more open about the differing cultures and backgrounds of its incoming students. The procedure of acquiring un Permis d’Etudes Canadien is much easier and quickly here”.

“The other 50% is divided between Australia (very few in New Zealand), Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in particular for computer studies) and South America (Mexico and Brazil).”

And as travellers themselves, Americans are also opting to go abroad. According to a survey published on AVI International´s website, 56% of US students are encouraged to spend a period of study abroad, while in the UK only 1 in 5 students are deciding to take this option.

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