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The Real Value Of Comptia Cloud Certification

Organizations have realized the value of cloud storage and every organization is now storing their data in the cloud servers. Banks, IT services, military, healthcare, educational institutes and data security firms are the foremost users of this technology and the number of users is growing rapidly with each passing day. Comptia Cloud Certification offers the advantage of removing excessive hardware and software requirements and are thus in great demand as techniques for saving on expenditure. But it has issues with security as nobody actually knows how secure the cloud servers are and who is taking the responsibility for guarding the cloud storage.

Requirement of the Professionals 

The cloud+ certification by CompTIA is the worldwide gold standard for professionals who are experts in managing cloud servers and related security matters. The extensive knowledge of cloud concepts and the different models of cloud storage, the concepts and ideologies of virtualization, the architecture and intricacies of the infrastructure required in cloud computing, management of resources, security concepts and methods for guarding and monitoring the cloud servers and the continuity of businesses that use cloud computing. This certification is a great career enhancement for the professionals in IT administration, Business Analysis and Project Management.

In Depth Knowledge to Offer 

The CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification provides in-depth knowledge in the following fields: 

  • Understanding the standards of cloud computing – the terminology, methods and best practices.
  • Understand and identify the various techniques and tools required to implement, provide and maintain cloud computing infrastructure and related technology like server, virtualization and network technology.
  • Understand and implement the various aspects and parts of IT security.
  • Understand and effectively use best practices in the field of virtualization and cloud computing implementations.

Role of the CompTIA Professional 

The Cloud+ certification by CompTIA is vendor neutral which means that the certified professional is an expert in dealing with the products from all manufacturers – Microsoft, Apple Inc, etc. This makes it the certification of choice for people currently employed as systems administrator, network engineers, storage and database administrators, and network administrators. The certificate allows them to work for organizations that do not have Windows Servers or System Centre. As the certification is vendor neutral, one can use it for working on any cloud-based system or server. This certification requires the pursuer to have an extensive knowledge on all server systems and be able to confidently and expertly work with them. Thus the value of the Cloud+ certification is more than any other certification of the same category.

Staffs of the Business 

As more and more companies and organizations rely on the abilities of cloud computing, it has become essentials for them to employ skilled professionals who are able to keep up with the ever changing rules in cyberspace. 9 out of 10 companies in the world use some sort of cloud based computing, which reflects the need for adept and competent staff to manage those parts of business. With the Comptia Cloud Certification market value expected to reach 270 billion dollar mark by the end of 2020, it is fast growing avenue with great potential and high demand for expert professionals. The Cloud+ Certifications acceptance and accreditation, it is a great addition to any resume and personal skill set.

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