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Top 10 Universities in the UK

UK has always been a country preferred by students for advanced studies. Some of the world’s most traditional and oldest universities are located in UK. These institutes have always been providing some of the best available education in the world. Along with them, newer names have been added who strive to provide world class education. This article will be talking about 10 of the best such universities from the UK. This ranking has been created by the consultants at Mayfield University based on nine specific criteria. These are provided first:
· The amount spent per student at the overall academics and related services
· The rate of completion of the degree from the students’ part
· The quality of students enrolling into the university at an age under 21
· Expenditure for each student in terms of staffs and facilities
· Proportion of first class and upper second class results
· The job prospect and market acceptability of the graduates
· The average quality of research
· The satisfaction level among students
· The ratio between students and the staffs available in the university
As per these criteria, the top 10 universities of the UK have been listed below:

University of Cambridge

The second oldest university among all the English speaking nations, University of Cambridge is still considered one of the most prestigious institutes to be attended and we can clearly see why. The university has kept its standards high throughout ages and is still performing after coping with the modern challenges.

London School of Economics

Situated in London, the London School of Economics is one of the most prestigious universities available around the world. The university specializes in social sciences therefore is ideal for many international students who intend to study economics or political science.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford is the oldest university among the English speaking nations. Anyone who is reading this article knows about the traditions and image of the university. Studying in Oxford is still one of the most lucrative opportunities that a student can have.

Imperial College London

Ideal for studying science, medicine, engineering and business, Imperial College is one of the best institutes in the UK that has been performing with excellent results for more than a century.

Durham University

The third oldest university in England, Durham University is one of the best public research institutes available for students. Its 16 colleges can provide a wide range of facilities and faculties to the students.

University of St Andrews

Located in Scotland, University of St. Andrews is equality good for science and humanities students. The oldest among the universities in Scotland, this institute is still being regarded highly by any scholar and recently it has secured the first position among all the universities in Scotland in terms of student satisfaction.

University of Warwick

Located in Coventry, the University of Warwick can be an ideal destination of a student if he/she is looking to study in any of the faculties – Arts, Medicine, Social Sciences and Science. The university has a very strong reputation in the fields of research and has strong connections in the industry.

University College London

The University College of London is one of the most sought after organizations by people who want to dedicate themselves in research. 26 of the alumni from this amazing organization have won the Nobel Prize and that fact itself motivates students a lot.

University of Lancaster

One of the most advance research institutes, the University of Lancaster is ideal for a student if he/she is into research. With its amazing facilities, it has always been around the top list of universities.

University of Bath

Located on Cleverton Down, the University of Bath is arguably the best university in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge. Because of the outstanding faculty and the facilities, the university has won several awards throughout a long time and can be an ideal destination for a student seeking higher education.

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