General Top 7 Advantages Of Getting A CCNA Certification

Published on June 5th, 2014 | by Alice Aires


Top 7 Advantages Of Getting A CCNA Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) a beginner-level certification provided by Ciscothat mainly focuses on building a foundation in networking by using Cisco technologies. This certification is best for individuals who want to make a stable career in the field of networking domain using Cisco products. There are plenty of benefits of this CCNA certification training, a few major ones are listed below:

1. Knowledge And Information

When you will join a CCNA Training, then you are surely going to increase your knowledge with a deep understanding of the concepts. If you have many years of experience in the field, then without any doubt this training is extremely helpful for you as it boosts your skills. Besides experience, books are also equally vital to keep yourself up-to-date with the new advancements or innovations in the industry. During the training, you will be bombarded with lots of advancements of the industry so increasing your information.

2. Career Progress

CCNA Certification boosts your chances of getting a promotion or salary increment. You can be expecting to lift up in the hierarchy of your company. If you become a CCNA Certified, then your salary increment is just around the corner. Many people get up to 70 to 80 percent increase in their salary after getting his certification. I know you will be thinking of 80 % appraisal is not possible, but it is if you have a good track record and are ready to change jobs.

3. Alphabets Behind Your Name

After getting CCNA certified, you can write four magical letters (CCNA) that definitely do matter at the present time. You will be legally and ethically right to use CCNA in your resume or in your business card after three years. Besides, you will also get a CCNA card as well as a certificate letter from Cisco, which validating your success.

4. Respect

You will get a certain amount of respect from your classmates, colleagues or employer after getting a CCNA certificate. There are many people who have tried to get CCNA certified, but failed very time. Hence, this success of yours deserves a praise or back-patting.

5. Company Benefits

Many employers like to employ certified people because it needs a good standing in the increasing as well as competitive IT field. This is the prime reason that organizations are ready to bear the cost of CCNA certification.

6. Start Your Networking Career

You must think that which option is best for you either Cisco or Microsoft before getting CCNA certified. According to me Cisco is the better option because it doesn’t require any broad preparation.

7. Get Personal Satisfaction

People who always wanted to get CCNA certified and so after they got this four latter certification and other documents, then they feel a sense of personal satisfaction and gratification.

Other Benefits that people will get from getting a CCNA Certification include:

  • Increased value to organizations and companies
  • Enhanced perception from colleagues and superiors as a well trained, knowledgeable  and skilled professional
  • Improved abilities and self confidence on one’s own skills and knowledge

Better career opportunities for career growth.


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