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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by J. Fish


Top Destinations For Your Summer Vacation

The holidays have passed and you’ve started eating better and working out to prepare for bikini season. Now’s time to start thinking of family vacation. Warm days, long walks on the beach, sand beneath your toes or even a vibrant urban vacation are a great ways to spend Summer vacations.

Costa Rica

No summer vacation is complete without sun, sand, crystal-clear oceans and a tropical paradise. Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park is a true gem in the jungle, with pristine beaches on one side and impressive tropical forests to the other. Comb the beaches for nesting sea turtles, or take guided hikes through the jungle to get up close to rare plants and animals. The Corcovado region is a great spot for eco-tourists who want to learn about the importance of tropical forests as much as they want to relax and have a cocktail. Accommodations on the outskirts of the park range from ultra luxurious to downright spartan. Finca Exotica is a very nice, yet modest, property that offers private cabins, eco tours, relaxing activities and a sustainable business model.

The Hawaiian Islands

If you aren’t quite up for a jungle adventure on foreign shores, the Hawaiian Islands are a top destination for vacationers year-round and feature breathtaking sights. Oahu is one of the most popular Hawaiian destinations and has the most urbanized  feel of all the islands, with the capital of Honolulu. Oahu is bustling with nightlife, unlimited restaurants and popular beaches. The North Shore has the best waves for surfers while Sharks Cove is great for scuba divers and snorklers. Diamondhead, Waikiki Beach and Chinaman’s Hat are popular spots to take photographs.

Martha’s Vineyard – Dukes County, Massachusetts

Located just eight miles off the coast of Cape Cod is Martha’s Vineyard, an island that’s been a secret summer hideaway of the rich and famous for decades. This village is lined with white picket fences, ice cream shops and beautiful homes. The picturesque little island is the perfect backdrop for any romantic holiday. While visiting, take in plenty of dining, shopping and beaches. Bicycle down the coastline and take a stroll to Mad Martha’s ice cream. Have the kids scream with delight on the Flying Horses Carousel, the oldest working platform carousel in the country, according to the NY Times. Aquinnah Cliffs and Main Street souvenir shopping are must-dos. Just try to use cash at all times to prevent identity theft while enjoying your vacation!

Seattle, Washington

With a vibrant culinary scene, eccentric neighborhoods and plenty of landmark to see, Seattle the perfect family getaway. First, take in Space Needle, iconic symbol of the city. After you take a slew of pictures, take the elevator up to the best view in the state and enjoy lunch at SkyCity. This restaurant is one-of-a-kind and rotates for 360-degree views at all times. In between bites take a look at the breathtaking city sights.

Pike Place Market is the best neighborhood market in Seattle, where you can see fish fly! Established in 1907, Pike Place Market is the city’s center for fresh, locally produced food. According to, the market features one of the largest craft markets in the country and is home to more than 200 independent small businesses.

Coffee lovers should head to the original Starbucks location on 1st and Pike St. It opened in 1971 and is absolutely adorable. notes that the store elements are neighborhood friendly — the wall tapestry is made of repurposed burlap coffee bags from a local roasting plant, the signage on the bar uses recycled slate from a local high school and the community table has been reused twice (once in a home and once at a Seattle restaurant).

Regardless of what interests you have, you are sure to find escape in at least one of the three choice destinations described above. If you have visited one or all of these locations and would like to share your experience, or if you have a vacation hotspot that you’d like to let us know about, post a response in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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