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Top PUC Pointers For Car Insurance

Recently, the Supreme Court of India made it compulsory to link a vehicle’s pollution clearance certificate with the car insurance papers. In other words, you cannot get your car insured unless you have a PUC certificate. This has mainly been done to check the ever increasing air pollution levels, a lot of which happens due to the rampant vehicles on the roads. In this article we speak about the importance of a PUC certificate and how it helps you out when you apply for a car insurance plan. Take a look.

What exactly is a PUC Certificate?

A PUC certificate is a document that states that your vehicle is not emitting any harmful gases. It certifies that your vehicle is pollution controlled. You get the pollution under control, or PUC, certificate after your vehicle passes a pollution check test. The PUC certificate, along with the motor insurance papers and a valid driving licence are the documents you legally require to drive a vehicle on the roads of India.

What is checked in a PUC Test?

To get a PUC certificate, the vehicles should meet these norms:

Vehicle Percentage of Carbon monoxide Hydrocarbon (in PPM)
Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (2/4 – stroke):  Models of March 2000 or older 4.5% 9000
Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (2 – stroke):  Models of March 2000 or after 3.5% 6000
Two-wheelers and three-wheelers (4 – stroke):  Models of March 2000 or after 3.5% 4500
Four-wheelers (manufactured as per Pre Bharat Stage II standards) 3% 1500
Four-wheelers (manufactured as per Pre Bharat Stage II, Stage III or later standards) 0.5% 750

Where can a PUC test be done?

You can obtain a PUC certificate from any fuelling station in India. There are also valid mobile PUC centres from where the test can be done. It is a quick test and barely takes a few minutes. The test is relatively inexpensive too. You can get a PUC certificate for as low as Rs.60 to Rs.100 in India.

You may also come across some independent testing centres usually a van by the highways that conducts the PUC test.

Besides, nowadays there are licensed auto emission centre that too conduct PUC test by checking your vehicle’s pollution level.

What information does a PUC certificate have?

The following information is found on a PUC certificate:

  • The serial number of the PUC certificate
  • The registered plate number of the car/bike
  • Test readings
  • PUC test date
  • PUC certificate’s expiry date

How frequently do you need a PUC test?

A PUC test is done as soon as a vehicle is purchased. The certificate obtained is valid for one year. After completion of the first year, you need to get the PUC done every six months. If your vehicle is found to be emitting some harmful gases, the PUC centre may inform the traffic authorities about the vehicle and submit the details.

Why is PUC important in relation to car insurance?

PUC is very important when it comes to car insurance. You cannot renew your car insurance plan unless you have a valid PUC certificate. And since you cannot drive your car without the car insurance papers, you will need to get the PUC done on time. If your PUC lapses, you have to first get it renewed and then apply for a car insurance renewal.

In a nutshell

A PUC document has always been very important for all vehicle owners in our country. However, now with the Supreme Court ruling that car insurance policies won’t be issued or even renewed for vehicle that do not have a valid PUC certificate, the document has become all the more vital. Car insurance is extremely important, not just because of the legal mandate, but also because of the benefits associated with it. At times, inspite of having a PUC certificate, a traffic officer may ask you to get a re-test done for your vehicle if he suspects of extra smoke emitting from your car or bike. With expenses rising so sharply, you just cannot afford to stay without insurance. So get a PUC certificate and buy a good car insurance plan thereafter to stay secured in every possible manner.

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