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U.S State Department Makes Use of Video Game for Education Purposes

U.S state government now found it important to make use of online games to teach American English properly. The state government is researching on the educational-technology world to decide what type of game should be developed to solve the purpose. It is being said that the coming online game will help students, within the age group of 12-16 to learn English and the game will be available  in 30 individual countries.

Education GamesECA or the Bureau of Education and Culture Affairs have been given the responsibility to develop this interactive tool. The new game Trace Effects will soon be launched officially that will describe American culture and life more than what is shown in American movies. On the other hand, ECA will take the opportunity to revamp its materials and website while advertising this game through their site.

The story of the game Trace Effects have been characterized on an androgynous male, called Trace. The game shows that this particular character used to stay in future world but suddenly reached US with the purpose to change the world here to do something good. He has been given with this responsibility to change world here and if he does not succeed, he can’t return to his own world further.

A huge part of the game covers Trace’s journey in different U.S sites like Grand Canyon, New Orleans, etc. He doesn’t travel only but also complete different important missions during the journey and interact with different people there to know about the country’s culture and life in detail.

Trace’s missions actually include different vital tasks that are yet to be covered for total development of U.S.  His important missions include entrepreneurship, woman empowerment, community development, environment reservation, resolution of different conflicts, more research on scientific field etc.  While playing the game, students can choose any of the following missions and can help Trace to complete it successfully so that he can go back home as soon as possible.

It took ECA almost five years to develop the game. The developers took such a long time becauseUSAgovernment mentioned strictly that there must not be any such content that can offend viewers by any chance. They even took long time to choose the name of the main character (Trace) that will be free of any creed, language, class or culture. Earlier ECS used to arrange program, keeping teacher’s requirement in mind but for last a few years, (near about 10 years) it is creating student-based programs focusing on marginalized and younger students.

At present, the bureau is offering Micro-Scholarships for English access programs to offer funds to U.S partners who are learning English for devices like computes that can now operate the game.

The Trace Effects game is mostly available in internet and users need to download it from the official site of ECA. It has not been said yet that whether download will be free or not. However, the game is also available in hard disc format but users need to prove connectivity problem to use the disc versions. Otherwise, have to use the internet version only.

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