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Using cloud computing SMEs can use less energy to save the world

Cloud computing proves to be a reliable solution to overcome the problems concerned with the transfers of data. With the advent of cloud you can store data and can access to them all the time. Using the feature one can start a document in a laptop and do editing on the PC tablet while going to office and finish the activity on the desktop in the later hours at the office. The usage of cloud is not restricted to storing documents alone. One can even access to variety of application and do the business activities from the comfort of the home. Cloud eliminates the need of installing a specific software program on the computer as these programs are already installed in the cloud.

sun shining behind cloudAs the need of the cloud computing is increasing more cloud hosting services are made available to all the business owners at levels. This feature seems to be a great advantage to all especially for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This unique service can drastically reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by several SMEs that use the cloud. Thanks to the interest facts that SMEs need not have pollutant in-house data storage and instead use the servers located elsewhere.

In a recent finding the popular Google has made a calculation that SMEs can dramatically lower their energy usage by 65%- 85% by just switching to the cloud base d solutions.

Let us find out how the lowering of carbon emissions from the SMEs go a long way by using the cloud computing.

As per a research study at United Kingdom (UK) the total carbon emissions of all the SMEs is estimated to 53.6 MtCO2 per year where the MtCO2 means Million tones of Carbon Dioxide. This approximately amounts to 4.47 MtCO2 emissions in a calendar month. According to the findings at UK, a single SME unit produces an estimated emission of 100 tons of carbon Dioxide per month. This figure is arrived from the findings of the presence of 4.5 millions SMEs at UK. So in the UK alone, there will be a saving of 64.5 tons of Co2 per SME. If you calculate in the same method for all the SMEs across the world there will be saving of around 5.5 billion tons of CO2 which is considered to be a huge figure for making a greener world. This is considered to be twice the weight of lake Victoria. This cloud exercise will save a energy bill of an unimaginable figure.

This factual statistics proves the role of cloud computing if used fully by the SMEs communities from all parts of the world. More than the functional advantages the cloud offer a great contribution in making the earth cleaner and prevent damages from the global warming,  a subject  the entire world human community is striving for. SMEs across the world should work in tune with the research findings by the Google and need to switch to the cloud as early as possible so as to play a major role in the aspect of global warming.

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