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Virgin Media Expands HD Offerings with Added ITV and Other Channels

HD TV has become one of the many perks that our modern world offers us. In simple terms HD TV can be described as the combination of super sharp images with a digital soul that at the end creates a fantastic viewing experience for you. High-definition television allows you to watch your TV in a new and better way where the colours are more sharp and rich. Mathematically it’s said that a high definition TV will give a five-time better experience than your traditional colour TV would!

Virgin Media services for HD TV will provide everything you are looking for in high definition television, including:

  • More viewing detail
  • Intense colour
  • Fantastic sound
  • 200-plus channels
  • 3D movies
  • Latest and greatest TV
  • Sky channels

When it comes to installing this TV in your home, you will be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is with Virgin Media services for HD TV.

No dish required

One of the greatest and cost effective perk about this service is that you don’t have to foot the extra cost of buying and having a dish installed to get access to multiple channels you want. This is mainly because technology allows all the channels to come via the fibre optic cables.

Finding your package

When purchasing anything, it all comes down to what you can afford to buy and maintain. The same applies when getting a high-definition TV package through Virgin Media services for HD TV. The company has different compilation of packages that will offer you various channels at different prices. Some of the packages are:

  • 100-plus channels, Sky on demand, Virgin TV anywhere, 700 hours of TV and more, which goes for 6.5 Euros per month for a contract of six months
  • 135-plus channels with 1,500 hours of TV on demand, Comedy Central, 10 Sky channels, music videos, pay per view movies and much more, which goes for 15 Euros a month with a six-month contract.
  • 200-plus channels, 2,500 hour of demand TV, 14 Sky channels, Sky on demand pay per view movies, Virgin TV anywhere, free music videos and more will cost you 23 Euros a month for a six-month contract.

The package you choose to buy will be greatly determined by what you want to get and what you can afford to maintain in your monthly bills, but as it can clearly be seen, a few Euros will give much more than just family entertainment for a whole month.

HD TV boxes

One of the greatest perks of this high definition TV is that you can also get boxes at reasonable prices with your packages. These boxes will change the way you view your TV as they allow you to pause and rewind live TV! This simply means that you don’t have to miss your favourite shows when you are busy with something else. You also don’t have to wait for the commercial break to take a bathroom break or to get a sandwich from the kitchen, as all you have to do is pause.

Virgin Media services for HD TV are what you need every time you are looking for the evolved high-definition TV in the United Kingdom.

To find out more about Virgin Media services for HD TV, you can visit their website here.

Written by: Josh Cooke has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.  In recent year his focus has been on IT Security which has gained importance as the Internet has grown an avid follower of the latest gadgets and advancements in the technology industry.

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