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What You Need to Know About PRINCE2

Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) will allow you to gain first-rate project management skills. It is an internationally recognized certification that will give you the expertise to effectively manage project within your workforce.

The PRINCE2 accreditation will allow you to use consistent procedures, professional language and common systems in your projects. After studying PRINCE2, it is likely that you will become more effective when engaging in project management.

Having a PRINCE2 qualification can also increase your employability and is a great asset for your CV or resume. It is an internationally recognized as the world-class standard for project management and is becoming an employee requirement for many companies across the world.

PRINCE2 will allow you to have a greater control of capital, the ability to manage projects to a high-standard and assess the risk of projects more effectively.  These attributes provide benefits to those who are looking for prominent project management skills, current project managers looking to broaden their horizons and organisations.

Apart from the above there are also many other benefits to having a PRINCE2 qualification. As mentioned before, you will receive world-class project management skills. When implemented to your organisation the skills gained on a PRINCE2 course will give you a consistent approach to project management, a set and organised start, middle and end. You will also be able to regularly review and evaluate the successfulness of projects that are already being run, management control of all projects and excellent communication skills that will allow the results of projects to be transferred to project leaders, the project itself and the rest of the organisation.

If you now want to become accredited with a PRINCE2 certification you will need to sit two separate examinations, known as the foundation and practitioner. These courses can range from a three day foundation course, five days practitioner course to one day refresher courses – such courses are offered by many organisations.

The foundation exam has seventy-five multiple choice questions and the exam itself lasts and hour. In order to pass the foundation exam, you will need to gain thirty-eight marks, which is approximately fifty-one per cent of the exam paper. The foundation exam for the PRINCE2 is also a closed book exam, meaning students cannot take any notes into the examination hall. To re-iterate the foundation exam is:

  • 75 Multiple Choice questions
  • 1 hour in duration
  • Closed Book
  • Requires 38 marks to pass

Meanwhile, the practitioner exam has nine written questions and is three hours long. Each of the nine questions is a total of forty marks, meaning that whole exam is a total of three-hundred and sixty marks, which means a total of one-hundred and eighty marks are required to pass which is exactly fifty per cent. Unlike the foundation exam, the practitioner exam is an open book; however the only book allowed is the PRINCE2 Manual. To re-iterate the practitioner exam:

  • 9 Written question
  • 3 hours in duration
  • Open book – only the PRINCE2 Manual is allowed
  • Requires 180 marks to pass

If you’re looking to run successful projects and gain world-class project management skills then PRINCE2 is a great way to go.

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