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Why Choose To Study For A Degree As Opposed To Gaining Experience In The Workplace

If you have been working in your chosen field, you might not see the point of studying for a degree since you can potentially gain work experience without it. However, there are several compelling reasons to study for a degree.

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Aids in Long-Term Goals

Even though you may have already worked in the field of your choice, studying for a degree in that field will help you achieve your long-term career goals. It is unlikely you will remain with one company forever.

The chances are you want to move up in your industry, and that may mean changing companies. Many require you to have a degree in your field before you are eligible for the job. If you study for your degree in the early years of your career, you are helping yourself move up the career ladder in the future.

Social Aspect

Attending university is about more than just going to lectures and turning in assignments. The social aspect of university can be rewarding for you and your career. Whilst you are studying for your degree, you will meet people who are studying for the same degree. As well as potential friends, it is likely that these people will go on to be valuable contacts within your industry.


If you are working and you do not have a university degree, it is likely that you will be overlooked in favour of employees who do have degrees when it comes to raises and promotions.

Going to university always gives you more life experience and independence. You will stand out from others who work in your field who do not have a university background. This will put you in a better position to advance in your career and will make you stand out amongst your colleagues.

Studying for a degree can teach you valuable lessons you might not be exposed to otherwise. You will very likely become a well-rounded person and new opportunities will open up for you.

Studying for a degree can also be very personally rewarding. It will enhance your life in ways that gaining experience in the workplace never could. Later in life, it could mean the difference between success and failure.

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