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Why Having A Smartphone Is A Smart Idea

Will the prices of smartphones justify their costs? When economic forecasts are not giving you the idea that your business will do well in the future, is investing in smartphones for you and your employees still a good idea? Business entities are now considering other ways to cut on costs but when it comes to mobile communication, this expense seems justified because the benefits on the use of smartphones. Should you start issuing lower end types of mobile phones or should you take your communication capabilities further with the use of smartphones? Why do companies issue smartphones to their employees in the first place?

Flexibility When it Comes to Communication

When mobile phones were first introduced to the market, it was like having a telephone that you can carry around where people get to talk to you anytime of the day when they place a call. However, in today’s time where everybody seems very busy, it can be difficult to call somebody at the time that is most convenient for you. With smartphones, you do not only get to reach these people by placing a call. You can also reach them through other communication channels like VoIP offered by RingCentral, through their emails, social media sites and through text. This is because smartphones were designed to connect the user to their local mobile carrier and the Internet.

The Ability to Conduct an Online Meeting

Smartphones are now powerful tools that you can use to conduct a video conference. Buy a smartphone with a front-facing camera and you can now easily arrange an online meeting with your employees wherever they are. There are now many VoIP applications that you can download for free and what’s eve great about this is that these do not just let you do chat and talk but will also allow you to transfer data such as word documents and mP3s. Videoconferencing is more convenient than just being able to talk using voice because this will permit you to see the facial expressions of the person you are speaking to. You can also communicate better because you can use body gestures when making a point.

Better Management of Schedule

A person involved in a business has a very busy schedule. Keeping organized can be a very tedious task. Ordinary mobile phones can also help you with this with their calendars and address books. However, smartphones exceeds the capabilities of ordinary mobile phones since you can sync this with your company’s servers. You can even have your social networking page synced to your smartphone. This gives you the ability to manage your business life better while making sure that your personal schedules are also met.

Corporate Data Access

Aside from desktops and laptops, your employees can now access your corporate data with the use of their smartphones. You can set up a virtual private network for your company so that when your employees are mobile and need some information from the company database, they can just easily connect using the Internet and pull up necessary files. This is easier than carrying an external drive every time they need to work on a data when they are out in the office.

Increased Efficiency

In business, timing is everything. When you forget to answer an email, the shipping of the products to one of your customers can be delayed. When you fail to answer your email, you may have missed a scheduled appointment. When you miss a call, you just made your boss mad. When you have a smartphone, you do not only get to work at the office but also be able to answer important calls and emails when you are out for lunch. It’s even convenient that this can be easily stowed in the pocket of your jeans unlike that of a laptop or a tablet.

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