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Why Should you Consider Taking A-Levels as a Mature Student?

There are many adults in the UK who aspire to gain A-levels as a mature student but for whatever reason are apprehensive of getting started. Many feel that they have missed their chance by failing to study at a younger age, but in fact, mature and distance learners are among the most successful students on A-level courses.

There are so many benefits to gaining A-levels; they are the gold standard of the British education system and even in later life, our abilities are measured against them. A huge variety of courses are available for A-level home learning and distance learning, which makes it very easy for those looking to balance learning with other commitments. There really is no downside to getting qualified as a mature student, but in case you need convincing further, we’ve put together our top three reasons to study A-levels as a mature learner.

Change your career

One reason that many people study for A-levels as mature students is that they are looking to change their career. A-levels are considered as an essential requirement by the majority of employers, so if you’re hoping to realise an ambition to work in a different industry then you should consider getting qualified. Retraining for a new career can be a very liberating experience, especially if there is something you’ve always dreamed of doing but missed out on in earlier life. Do some research on which qualifications are valued in the industry you are interested in, and sign up for a distance learning course – it’s never too late to find your dream job.

Love learning

Many of us remember school as being a chore, but the great thing about studying as an adult is that you are in complete control over which subjects you take and when and how you study. Unlike with learning at a younger age, you won’t feel that others are pressuring you to work in a certain way. Furthermore, there’s no reason not to take up a subject simply because you’re interested in it, even if it won’t directly impact on your career. As an adult you have the option of studying simply for the enjoyment of learning, with no pressure of it having to lead somewhere if you don’t want it to. In any case, employers will be impressed by your well-roundedness and appreciation of the intrinsic value of knowledge.

Transferable skills

Even if you don’t need a particular qualification to further your career, A-levels can help you to gain many transferable skills that will benefit you throughout life. Whilst studying for A-levels you will develop excellent research skills and the ability to construct an argument, both of which are valued skills in most career paths. You will also improve your writing abilities, which is the skill that most employers say they look out for in job applications.

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