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Why Windows 8 Is The Best Choice For Your PC and Laptop

Do you ever wonder why you should go for Windows 8? Windows 8 is already here and it comes with so much promise. Since Windows 95 replaced Program Manager of Windows 3.1 in 1995, computer users have not seen any other profound changes in the interface of the operating system until recently, with the launch of Windows 8. One of the most notable changes with Windows 8 is the Start Screen that replaced the good old Start Menu which is now going to be obsolete.

What made Windows 8 one of Microsoft’s most controversial releases yet is its obvious bias towards touchscreen capabilities which we often only see in mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones. Although there are many computer users who mourn the extinction of the conventional Start Menu, there are still many other reasons that should convince them to switch to Windows 8—even if they still plan to stick with their laptops or desktop computers.

Faster and Quicker

Despite the fact that Windows 8 has relatively higher system requirements as compared to the others that came before it, it still remains to be generally faster than Windows 7. The reason behind this is that the resource-intensive Aero theme that you have in Windows 7 and Windows Vista was considerably tweaked and improved to make Windows 8 run a lot quicker. Despite the fact that not many users will take notice of the overall improvement in the performance of Windows 8, many users will still find the quicker shutdown and start up time more convenient. According to industry experts, the startup time has been decreased to half with this new operating system.

The Edge of Compatibility

If you take a closer look at Windows 8 and Windows 7, these two are actually very similar. And since they are starkly similar, users will not encounter problems that have something to do with compatibility. All hardware and applications that were released prior to the launch of Windows 8 should work faultlessly with the latest Microsoft operating system. Even device drivers should work as well. However, no system is perfect and if ever you do encounter something that presents a seeming compatibility issue whenever you do an upgrade, you will be notified beforehand by the Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor. If you would like to run all the applications in your desktop, you do not have to worry or panic since you will still be able to access thousands of new applications and programs that were especially designed for the Windows 8 operating system and its innovative interface. These apps can be downloaded through the Windows Store. Managing your virtual PBX will not be an issue even if you upgrade and Windows 8 will only make everything load faster which can increase your productivity.

Cloud Computing

Since most computer users have access to or get to use two or more computers, the new Windows 8 allows users to log into several computers with the help of their Microsoft accounts which makes managing multiple computers easier. The Microsoft account can be associated with different email services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail. Synchronizing your settings is also easier with Windows 8. It comes with an integrated SkyDrive app that permits users to store all sorts of data and files online without any charges or fees. During this time when cloud computing and file synchronization have become very important trade tools, Windows 8 will certainly draw in millions of users from all over the globe. Whether for personal or business use, Windows 8 is believed to be the best operating system to walk you through success.

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