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You and The Phone Service Provider: Partners In Business

The phone service provider is your best partner in business because it provides you with your communication needs. Through the services provided by the phone company, you are able to communicate with your customers as well as with your business associates. Your customers are able to contact you whenever they feel the need to call up your business phone to inquire about or place orders for the products or services that you offer. Just imagine running a business without any means to communicate with your business associates or customers. Your business might indeed move forward but at a snail’s pace.

This is why the services that are provided by the phone company are very valuable. One of the services that you get from phone service providers is hosted PBX. PBX stands for private branch exchange. It is a system of phones that share a single line, and calls are directed to different phones by the PBX equipment. What makes this type of PBX  different from the regular PBX is you make use of the phone service provider’s PBX. Phone calls going through the phone service provider’s PBX is routed to your phones through the Internet or VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which allows you to make phone calls over the Internet.

How do businessmen especially owners of small businesses benefit from using the phone service provider’s PBX?

You Can Receive Phone Calls from Any Location

When you subscribe for the use of your phone service provider’s PBX, you can get your calls wherever you are in the United States or in the world. That’s because phone calls are routed to your location via VoIP. This technology does away with the need to use telephone lines to connect one’s telephone to the company’s PBX equipment. So even if you are at the mall or at the park, your customers can contact you via your handy phone or Smartphone.

So there’s no reason why you cannot provide for the needs of your customers or answer queries coming from your business partners especially if an important decision regarding your business has to be done.

Your Customers Do Not Have to Wait in Line

The phone service provider’s PBX is run by the virtual assistant who acts like a live receptionist. After greeting the customers over the phone, the virtual assistant identifies which of your phones are available to take the call. It then routes the phone call coming from the customer to that phone. The virtual assistant can even route the call to a phone the customer has specified.  Because of this, the customer does not have to wait for several minutes before his or her call is attended to. The faster you serve your customers, the better it is for your business. Customers keep buying from a business establishment or office not only because of the products or services it offers, but also because of the fast service.

Because your phones and the PBX of the service provider are connected via VoIP, you too can transfer calls from your phone to another phone. Let’s say the customer wishes to talk to your marketing manager. By simply pressing a button on your digital phone or Smartphone, you can transfer the phone call to that of your marketing manager.

Using the PBX of your phone service provider is very much different from the kind of PBX that most companies have at the office. Phone calls circulate only within an enclosed area such as a small office or an entire office building. But with the setup which involves the use of the phone service provider’s PBX, you get to occupy and cover a wider area.

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