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2 Great Blue-Collar Career Options You Can Explore After Taking Online Courses

Aussies can continue their studies, while maintaining their jobs and not compromising on personal responsibilities through online distance education. There have been many factors that have led to an increased popularity and acceptance of online education. 2008 and 2009’s economic downturn made Aussies change their priorities towards education and earnings, and look towards career options that ensured steady pay in times of a slump.   This can be seen in a look at today’s generation of students. Psychology, once among the most popular degrees, sees job entrants start at $47,500 – only 5000 dollars away from the $42,000 a skilled factory worker commands.

A trade degree or diploma, or other forms of certification are a vital skill in today’s job market when there’s a scarcity of conventional, white collar jobs. Already, there’s increased interest in practical degrees including Electrical Engineering and Urban/Regional Planning, which let you immediately get employed.

The Aussie education sector saw an approximate 20% growth, and may soon cross $4 billion, and both large and small online education schools are seeing heavy enrollment. This includes Online Courses Australia which is not only drawing interest from Australians for its niche courses like online agriculture course, but also from students coming from Asia and other countries.

As the international education market rapidly grows, Australia’s leadership in online education becomes much more pronounced, according to the industry research body IBISWorld. The report showcased online education as one of Australia’s fastest growing employers, at par with other high employment sectors like oil and gas extraction, ecommerce, preschool education, and mining.

Major universities are increasingly accepting of online courses as a formal education asset, and this has been seen as an impetus to course providers. Interestingly, even hobbies, languages and soft skill courses are anticipated to see major growth. Additionally, internet access, which the National Broadband Network is working towards, and the interest from Southeast Asian markets is also powering growth in Aussie online education. Online education is seen as a great addition to a postgraduate programs, as a way to enhance or polish skills. Australia is today among the biggies in online education, among America, India, China and the United Kingdom.

As Australians realize that the job market of the past, with one steady, linear career trajectory slowly fades, growth in this sector will only increase.


Construction is no more a last-ditch attempt at a career, or a job option for those who can’t pay attention in class. With capital inflow and heavy demand as a result of a home building boom, the construction sector has become streamlined.  In the last 9 years, Australia has seen rapid residential expansion, as as low interest rates, which have further enables Aussies to spend on housing. The construction sector, once in decline, has seen a pickup in growth. Australian Industry Group findings show that construction in both commercial and residential building has grown.  Australia’s Small and Medium Enterprises growth has pushed commercial growth like never before

And construction doesn’t mean labour your whole life – you can take that experience and insight into a career like urban/civil planning and civil engineering. These fields are also expected to see growth due to demand for new infrastructure, and repairing and expanding current infrastructure. Construction is also being seen as a hot career option across the world. Explore details on construction online courses at http://www.onlinecoursesaustralia.edu.au/courses/construction-courses.aspx.


Agriculture, of the country’s five “economics pillars” is also its next hot career sector. The demand for highly skilled men and women in the field is increasing – often farm owners need to recruit from abroad. With an expected boom in agribusiness and agrifoods, the sector will see extensive growth in the next few years.

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