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6 Simple Adobe Fireworks Tips for Web Designers

Web designers prefer using Adobe Fireworks to create prototype interfaces and graphics for mobile and web applications. Regardless of the program that you are using, Adobe Fireworks still has more to offer in terms of web design. The program is also simpler to use and integrate with many other Adobe products. Below are some important tips for helping you get the most/best out of Fireworks Adobe.

Consider using Fireworks alongside Adobe Photoshop

Although you can use the program alone (standalone) to design websites fully, you can do much more in regards to image manipulation when you incorporate Photoshop. If you want artistic freedom with graphics, photos etc, you should try using Adobe Fireworks with Photoshop to get images which look professional. A combination of Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop also helps you carry out image optimization.

Consider using Adobe Fireworks with Dreamweaver

Like Photoshop, Dreamweaver also works well with Adobe Fireworks to offer superior functionalities. Because you can take designs from Dreamweaver and use them (paste them) into Fireworks this improves design functionality. This is a very simple and efficient process that makes designing easy to finish. You also get a more professional looking website unlike when you use Adobe Fireworks alone.

Use some Extensions

This is another effective tip for doing the best web design with Adobe Fireworks. You shouldn’t use Adobe Fireworks without extensions if you want to get the best out of the program. There are very many extensions that can assist you to design sites using Fireworks. Extensions like Harmonia can help you create the best colour schemes and designs. Adding extensions simply helps you get the best functionalities for web design.

Learn how to create Swapping Images

This is another effective tip for getting the best out of Adobe Fireworks. Swapping images helps to incorporate many images in your website designs without resulting in cluttered images. In simple terms, if you are interested in creating a sleeker website, learning how to swap images is advisable.

Learn how to create Images in different Shapes easily

This is also an important tip for getting the best out of Adobe Fireworks as a designer. Adobe Fireworks is popular among web designers because you can easily copy and paste images inside shapes to enable the image to assume a certain shape. You just need to make any shape using your toolbar and then resize it to a suitable shape. After that, you can select and cut an image from another source and then paste it. You can do a lot with this functionality which is very helpful in making web based photo graphics.

Play with Effects

This is another important tip. To be able to get the best effects as a web designer, you have to play with web design tools for creating effect. This applies to Adobe Fireworks. You should take some time to explore the numerous effects you can achieve with Fireworks otherwise you will miss out on a lot of functionalities. Adobe Fireworks for instance has many effects i.e. photo optics, transparent images, feathered edges etc. You should explore to get the best effects.

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