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Benefits of EPL for Home and Business

You’re internet seems to be broken; you know you need an upgrade for more users. What’s the next step?

EPL or Ethernet Private Line provides a high capacity fiber optic connection between two sites (point-to-point). Related is EVPL, which stands for Ethernet Virtual Private Line. This type of service provides a high-capacity fiber optic connection between multiple sites. EVPL also supports a (Complicated jargon ahead warning, C.J.A.W.)) Multiplexed User Network interface, which involves a single physical connection to customer equipment – and then an Ethernet virtual connection to multiple locations.

These services are an excellent alternative to traditional more costly private line services. EPL and EVPL allows for bandwidth-intensive applications through a lower cost Ethernet interface. EPL and EVPL Services have several benefits for both business and home use. So, that includes: ease of use, dedicated connectivity; flexible scalable solutions; safe and secure connection; web-based reporting; and a high level of support.

Dedicated Connectivity

The connection is dedicated between point A and Point B (it serves only those two points) or point A and an Ethernet virtual connection with multiple sites (C.J.A.W.) and physical layer data segregation. It can serve to connect Local Area Network data centers.

Flexible Scalable Solutions

Scalable bandwidth with capacities from 10mps to 10gps allows for provision of only what is needed and when it is needed. This allows for cost savings and is advantageous for business and home use because the service can be scaled to the level needed and the cost is based on that level of use. Having the service available for home use accommodates the ever increasing number of people working from home.

Safe and Secure Connection

EPL services bypass the public internet by using a private network instead, where customer traffic is secured with a unique customer ID. Security is one of the biggest concerns of any business enterprise but especially those that send large amounts of electronic data back and forth. Since more and more people work from home, either running a business or just doing their ordinary jobs these security issues apply to home use, as well. The Ethernet virtual connection allows multiple paths for data to travel which ensures a high level of network availability and minimized delays.

Web-based Stats Reporting

Connectivity statistics can be reviewed for the previous day, and previous seven-day and 30-day periods, using a secure web-portal. This allows monitoring of usage and charges for the service and eases administrative needs.


Support should be provided 24/7 on several different levels. For business, there needs to be a local account team consisting of an account executive, technical and service specialists and a national team that monitors services. For home use, ideally there should be some technical support 24/7 to deal with everyone’s varied schedules.

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