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Demonstrate Your Virtualization Expertise Through VCP410 – DT Certification

VCP410 – DT: VMware Certified Professional 4 – Desktop

VMware certified professional 4 – desktop certification is for virtualization system engineers, solution architectures, system administrators and system architectures who chase to exhibit their expertise in installing and configuring VMware view conditions and approve view client users.

Experience Requirement:

The applicant is required to have at least one year experience with VMware view and two year experience in IT profession. The applicants that are applying for VCP410 – DT certification must be capable for configuring vSphere environment. The applicants must have clear understanding about the VMware basic components and their affiliation with networking and storage. The candidate must be efficient in design methodologies of data center.

Prerequisites of VCP410 – DT:

To get the certification the applicant is required to pass:
• VCP4 – DCV or VCP5 – DCV certifications
• Clear the VCP410 – DT exam
VCP410 – DT exam can be taken before getting VCP4 – DCV or VCP5 – DCV . It is not compulsory that the VCP4 – DCV or VCP5 – DCV certifications are taken before the VCP4 – DT certification.
VCP410 – DT exam objectives:

VCP4- DT Exam Objectives are as Follows:

• Installing and configuring view components.

• Deploying and controlling linked clone virtual desktop

• Creating and managing floating and dedicated desktop pools

• Managing and configuring the desktops that run in a local mode

• Using ThinApps to the package application

• Configuring secure access to the desktop by public networks.

VCP410 – DT Exam Language:

The VCP410 – DT certification exam will be taken in two languages the exam will be in English and Japanese languages.

Number of Questions in VCP410 – DT Exam:

There will be 70 questions in the exam to be solved by the candidate to get passing scores for certification.

Time allowed for VCP410 – DT Exam:

90 minutes will be allowed for the completion of the exam. The candidate has to complete the exam within 90 minutes. The candidate other than English language can ask for extra 30 minutes to solve the exam questions. The candidate must concern the teacher during the exam and ask for the extra 30 minutes.

Passing Score for VCP410 – DT Exam:

The candidate has to score minimum 300 to get VCP410 – DT certification. If candidate score less than 300 he will not get the certificate.

Exam Preparation Resources:

To get the VCP410 – DT certification the candidate needs to score at least 300 and for that he needs the reliable preparation resources that can help him to get VCP410 – DT certified. You can easily find out VCP410 – DT exam material from our website. VMware provides exam preparation resources and training material for the candidates. The candidate can choose class room trainings, self-paced courses and online training courses. VMware online store bring practice exam providers, publishers and content experts together to provide quality learning resources to the applicants. These preparation resources can help the candidate to prepare the exam and get certified. VMware provides press books exam blue prints and instructional videos about the topics covered in the exam to the applicants so they can better prepare the exam.

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