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Features and Working Of PDF To Power Point Tool: Mac

PDF to Power point Mac is a user friendly and very efficient solution for converting PDF files to PPT files. It offers you many functions for converting PDF files to PPT. You can create a well-balanced and finely formatted new PPT file using the contents of many PDF files by PDF to Power point converter for Mac in no time.

PDF to Power point Mac is highly efficient and can convert as many as 200 PDF files to PPT in one go. It saves the energy and extreme nuisance caused by converting one file at a time with online converters. Instead of consuming time on converting files one by one, you can put that energy in customizing the conversions. You can customize the conversion in PDF to Power point converter for Mac in many ways like choosing selected range of pages to be converted instead of converting the whole document and then excluding the unnecessary pages or portions.

Converted Power point files from PDF are so accurate that all the original elements like hyperlinks, texts, graphics and layouts are faithfully preserved in the converted files. No distortion whatsoever is caused to the original contents of the PDF file. However you can choose to make certain changes to the layout and other components of the document if needed so.

There is permission to convert the encrypted PDF files as well in PDF to Power point Mac, but it is a better way to do things legally instead of bypassing the password protection of the file.

Striking feature of the PDF to Power point convert tool for Mac is the ease with which you can convert hundreds of files quickly and at once. Go to to download the PDF converter and install it, you are ready to do the conversions needed.

Now run the installed PDF converter and open PDF to PPT tool Mac. You can add or import the PDF files that are to be converted by dragging and dropping them on to the interface of the program. This drag and drop capability to add convertible PDF files is a great time saver.

Next you need to do the settings like choosing the output format, in this case PPT. You can also specify the range of pages out of the whole PDF document to be converted at this stage. Do the other customizations as well such as selecting the destination folder if you don’t want to save it in the original file’s directory. You can also opt to keep the original layout or do some changing in the resultant layout here.

Finally you just need to click the convert button and the conversion will start right away. You need to make sure that you have done everything right before hitting the convert button in order to get the refined final product. The mistakes done during the customization stage will reflect in the converted file, so be careful there. After few seconds PDF to Power point for Mac will convert all the files for you. You can have a detailed look at how PDF to PPT conversion works at Of course you can check the Power point slides to ensure the originality of each content in the converted file.


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