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Future Technologies Expected in the Vehicles

Technology and innovation has travelled together in taking the auto industry to the next level. Technology in automobile industry has always given birth to unique and even interesting products. One unique example is the use of F16 jet engine in a car for a drag race by some crazy people. There has to be a fine line between eccentricity and innovation and that is what engineers have realized. The future of auto industry will be full of surprise for the common people. There is much more to come in the form of new technology. New technologies will make the drive easy and will ensure more safety and luxury for the drivers. Here is a glimpse of some extra ordinary technologies that will soon be seen in the market.

Driverless Cars

The time is not far when common person will see driverless car on the road. Many companies are working to develop a driverless car and successful attempts have been practiced in the past few years. With this technology, it is expected that V2V will also step in. A combination of both these systems will give birth to a fully automated car; however, the V2I system is complex and needs a lot of programming and research. It has been estimated that these systems might prevent 80% of the traffic accidents.

Automated Airbags

Air bags have been introduced for the passenger safety from quite a long time. However, the brainiest at Mercedes have been trying to step a little bit further to introduce air bags that will help stop the car in case of crash or emergency. These airbags will be fitted underneath the car and will have a frictional coating. Whenever a danger or threat is sensed, these airbags will deploy not only doubling the breaking capacity of the car but also lifting the car to a height of 8 cm for a better bumper-to-bumper collision and reducing the risk of passengers slipping under the seat belt. This technology is expected in the market within few years time.

Mykeyin Cars

We have only listened about parental control in movies and games; however, Ford has recently developed this system that is now available with the name Mykeyin cars. All you need to do is set a password and if anyone else is driving the car without entering the password, the speed of the car will be limited to 80mph. Same goes for the audio system of the car, and alarm will go off continuously if the seat belts of the cars are not fastened.

Volvo Kinetic Energy System

Using the running cars energy to power up the car battery is another technology that has been worked upon for quite a time now. However, the beta version is introduced that is known as Volvo Kinetic Energy Recovery System. It comprises of a carbon fiber flywheel, which spins when you apply brakes, and stores this energy, in result the energy is transmitted when you hit the paddle. This technology is specifically useful in the heavy traffic areas where vehicle has to stop repeatedly and a lot of fuel is consumed.

Apart from these, Eco fuel saving technology, Ford Eco boost, vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot is also expected to hit the market soon.

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