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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by RobertF


Getting A Good Job These Days

High school can be both a good and bad experience. In this day and age, some teenagers are finding high school to be tough because they are constantly getting bullied. Not only does being bullied make high school hard, but the fact that a teenager has been in school for a long time. When being a senior finally happens, many teenagers are so tired of everything with school; they are ready to run out those doors when they get their diploma. Going on to college really is the last thing some teenagers want to do. However, without a college education, that good job that these kids dream of having will not be a reality unless they go through four more years or more of college.

Open Doors With A College Degree

Back in the day, a teenager fresh out of high school could go to work, and not have to worry about going to college as long as they had a job. However, the times have changed because unless that teenager wants to stay working at a fast food place for their whole life, they do need to think about an education. Though it is possible to get a job without a degree, the truth is that the job they get will not be something they want to keep beyond a year or two. With a college degree, many doors will be open for that teenager, and that is a fact of life beyond flipping hamburgers.

Here are more reasons to take off that paper hat and look into going back to school:

•    Makes it easier for to find work:  The first thing any prospective employer is going to do is look at the education part of a resume. Not only will they look for at the school that someone went to, but they will look to see how many degrees they have. Many people do not make it past the application process without a degree.

•    Improves your knowledge:  A person may know about something like computers, but a degree will only improve on what that person already knows. While taking apart a computer and putting it back together will teach you a lot, it is nothing compared to what a college can teach.

•    Shows you are responsible:  Employers will look at your college information, but they will look at your grade point average too. Some people work very hard to maintain a high grade point average because it says a lot about the kind of student that person was. A good student is shown to be a responsible person, and a person worth hiring because they clearly take everything they do seriously.

Someone who has just spent four years in high school may not want to have to go through four more and go to college.  However, there is no better way to get a job then to continue with the education process. There are many good reasons to stay in school, but it really is the best decision to make to get a better job, improve knowledge, and it says a lot to future employers about whom someone really is.

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