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Published on December 17th, 2013 | by Maria Lynette


iOS Apps For Work Place

Nowadays smartphone technologies have been so addictive that there are apps for everything and anything. School, Office, Party, Entertainment and what not everything has apps. People want life to be easy and cool therefore they are using apps at every possible place. Workplace is one such area where you want the job to be completed easily. Therefore it is the place where a majority of apps are used. Some of the most cool and must have iPhone apps for workplace are as follows;


Dropbox can be used for other purposes also and not just work alone however many people use this for mainly doing their work related purposes. This app is absolutely a brilliant addition for any workplace and office scenario. This can be used to share information and documents at ease with more than one person. The Dropbox app allows users to give any information they want as input (i.e. any form of a computer file), and then upload it to a virtual drive thus it can be seen and accessed by various other users. However, you needn’t worry about the security since no one else can get their hands on your files since employees must be first invited by the owner or administrator in prior to get access to any files on the drive.

iOS Apps For Work Place


This application is available exclusively for the iPad only but it acts as one of the most efficient brainstorming tools present. The iBrainstorm app allows users to actually write down all their ideas in form of sticky notes which are actually present on the screen of the iPad. However you actually don’t have to stand up and share your idea–there is Bluetooth connectivity available along with this app that allows individuals to flick ideas and share it onto the screens of other people, thus making this a truly brainstorming app which is a necessity for especially team projects in the workplace.

iOS Apps For Work Place


This app is for internet powered mobile phones where people want to enjoy the luxury of on-the-go web access. People want everything ready and quick; they want the shopping also to be easy. In a workplace when you want to do a shopping or online transaction which has actually become the new market trend due to an increasing customer base then you can get this app which will be handy. This iPhone application by Contus allows you to actually manage your ecommerce store easily and with flawless accessibility, usability and navigation. This optimizes the store easily to the mobile users. The app helps to enhance your workplace (e-store) as well as gives the on the way customers and users a very easy and effectual shopping experience just from their iPhone powered smartphones.

iOS Apps For Work Place

These three are must have apps that are to be downloaded for great efficiency and convenience by users of these times. If you are a iOS user and in need of apps for enhancing productivity in workplace then go for these. Since all three of them are unique and special.

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