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Job Seeking Guide

Job seekers allowance is a public assistance for anybody residing in the United Kingdom and only if that person is unemployed. You can call this number when you want to enroll for the program of job seeker’s allowance. In order to qualify for this program, you must be a UK citizen and you are not working, you must be actively seeking for a job, you must be available for job opportunity and you are not claiming for pension. Therefore, this program is eligible for someone who has lost his employment and not a retired person.

How to Enroll for a Job Seeker’s Program

  • Contact the Job seekers department from Monday to Friday; from eight in the morning to six in the evening.
  • The adviser will ask you a number of questions which you will be required to answer. In the questions, you will be required to provide the following details: details of your previous employment, your national insurance number, your rent details, your mortgage details if you have one and any information about any savings you may have.
  •  Further, the adviser will discuss the job agreement with you. This agreement will have the following details: your availability for work, how you will be searching for a job, ways you can improve your chances of getting a job and any support which you may require on the process.
  •  After providing the above details, you will be required to give your bank information. The bank information is necessary because the allowance will be deposited to your account directly.
  • After enrolling for the above program, it is important you hit the road to find a new job. Finding a job will require you to have a guide that will enable you to land into one.

Job Seeking Guide

  •  Tell yourself that you are not the cause of the job loss. A number of companies are downsizing as they struggle with hard economic times. Do not allow the stress of job loss to weigh you down as it can be a huge blow to you.
  •  Sign on for an income program like the job seeker’s allowance program. This will ensure that you have income flowing in. Enrolling for the job seekers allowance program will keep the national insurance contributions updated.
  •  Work on your resume or CV. Ensure that your CV is up to date with current skills and any new skills you have acquired and ensure that all the details in your CV are correct. Perhaps, you may need to create multiple versions of your CV to suit the needs of a range of diverse employers.
  •  Make an effort of registering with an employment agency to increase the chances of finding a job. The agency will assist you to draft your CV and improve interview techniques. Agencies are also good as they are a gateway to a number of hidden job vacancies. Therefore, register with an employment agency with a good repute to reduce the time you will spend unemployed.
  •  Take temporary jobs or become a volunteer to keep your head up and fill any blank gap in your CV.
  •  Learn lessons from any employer who has rejected you by requesting for a feedback. This will enable you to work on your shortcomings.
  • Being unemployed are the worst times ever for a person. Use it as an avenue to land on your dream job.

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