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LG Officially Launches The Nexus 4 In India

LG has finally taken the initiative to launch the long awaited Nexus 4 in India through the official channels. The Nexus 4 is now by the LG and not the Google as the long wait by the Nexus 4 funs has now been cut short by the landing of this flagship in China.

This Nexus 4 costs $475 in India and it is now available exclusively from LG brand shops, speciality stores and the multi brand outlets. The 16 GB variant of this Nexus 4 device is the only one being sold by the LG in India.

Why the Price of Nexus 4 by LG is Higher than the one by Google

The price of this flagship is much higher India compared to the US because it is being sold by LG and not by Google. The LG cannot actually afford to sell it cheaply in the US just because they are not able to make up for the content sales in any other means yet the Google can easily afford to sell the phone cheaply and make up for the sales in its play store.

The LG have to make the price higher because they mainly rely on the hardware sales profits which if it is made minimal may not cater for other costs.

For those residing in US, it will be much cheaper to purchase this Nexus 4 in the US rather than in India because the price is much cheaper in US compared to India. There is still no specific information on whether the device is already available for sale online in various online carriers or from the LG website.

Comparing the Price of Nexus 4 and the LG Optimus G

The two devices Nexus 4 and the LG Optimus G are very identical in terms of their hardware and appearance but their pricing are much different.

LG Optimus G sells at $603 which is higher than the Nexus 4 which sells at $475 only which shows that LG is actually selling the new Nexus 4 flagship at a very lower price than the LG Optimus G even though they are almost the same.

This pricing is quite recommendable for the company to the users of the device as they have waited for it for quite long. They may not be sure if even some of the users had already opted for another flagship instead of this while they were still waiting for this one.

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