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Published on November 10th, 2013 | by EditorOne


Move-Beautiful and Funny Brain Shifting Game for iPhone

Move, launched by Nitako LTD, is a brain shifting puzzle game. In the game there will be a lot of flicking and bouncing. The whole interface of Move is kind of like that of the classic Fling, or Pudding Monsters. Anyway, the gameplay itself is different. Just as the name suggests, Move is going to shift your brain.

The basic rule of Move is very simple. Players only need to move the colored pawns on the board to the corresponding squares by swiping left, right, up or down. There is limitation of swipes in each level. Players must stay within the limitation. Meanwhile, when moving the colored pawns, players should know that the fewer moves they make, the closer they are to the perfect score. So, they can obtain all three stars in a level.

Swiping on the board will make all the pawns move in that direction if there is no barrier or other pawns to prevent it. Just like other puzzle games, Move has different levels. In the early stage, there is only one color among the pawns. In the more advanced levels, more color you will find in the game, up to five. At the same time, the grid size increases from 3-by-3 to 5-by-5. There are only three of the 12 included levels that pack for fee, containing 100 levels. If you want to unlock other level packs, you need to pay for $9.99 each.

When stuck with difficulties, you can ask for hints by clicking the Hint button, but pay attention please; it only offers 20 complimentary hints. You need to purchase additional hints if necessary. 10 hints cost $0.99; 110 hints are $9.99 and 625 hints cost $49.99 while 1500 for $99.99.

Currently, Move is free for downloading in App Store. Some items can be purchased in app. In a word, the current Move is great with adorable visuals, animations, and enjoyable sounds. Though additional level packs need to be purchased, it still has enough packed into it, each one including 100 levels, which offers hours of entertainment.

Move can be downloaded on App Store. The current version is workable with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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