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New Super Data Storage Found By Britains

We know that data can be kept for a very long long time but it won’t last forever. Scientists at the University of Southampton have come up with a new and unique way of storing data for practically unlimited lifetime, this could mean if the humans were wiped out our data would be available to aliens or the older generation in a couple of million years!

What Have They Made?

The scientists have managed to exceed the Blu-Ray disk by 2,800 times which is 5D! Data can be stored on this 5D technology and put in nanostructured glass which is said can be stored for hundreds of millions of years for aliens to read our data from the past if we were wiped out.

The new 5 dimensional optical memory makes it possible to write data onto a nanostructure fused in quartz with a high speed femtosecond laser. The new technology is dubbed to be the Superman memory crystal, I wonder what the price tag is on one of these puppies? The glass storage is said to be able to keep data for hundreds of millions of years whereas the DVDs we have now have just 8 years of faultless playback.

My Views

I mean, let’s not get excited here! As with other technology they have created to increase our data storage, it has not been released. Let’s look at the 500GB DVD which did not come out… this was due to MP3 and the Blu-Ray association not coming to a compromise over rights to the technology so it was not released mainstream.

Then of course we have the new technology which is able to record 5.5 petabyte disks, this is still under the testing stages but again, I seriously doubt they will release this as the tech itself will produce major bucks on the open market and these clown organisations want it all for themselves and do not want to share! The only people that will have access to all of this great new tech would be government organisations, major corporations, large data centre and a few select others with cash in the hip!

Personally, I think for home data disks it will be whoever created their own technology like Blu-Ray will bring out their own brand of disks etc etc yadda yadda! It my humble opinion it is these fat corporations who just want to pocket all of the money from it there are no two ways about it!

Bio: As the fat cats won’t release any of the software us general public users are stuck to what we know best for storing up our large amounts of data, DVD’s, External drives and places such as


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