Technology technology’s risk to humanity

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Study of technology’s risk to humanity – Research is under way at Cambridge University, UK

From the science fictions one can understand the machines or robots make enslavement to humanity by taking over the world. The proposed academic center at the Cambridge University will be studying whether or not this potential threat to humanity could ever happen. According to the report from the Huffington Post as reported by its reporter Sylvia Hai this unique project has been co-founded by Huw Price, Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge. He along with his colleague Martin Rees, Professor of Cosmology and the Skype co-founder Jann Tallin will form the dubbed Center for the Study of External Risk (CSER) which is scheduled to start sometime next year 2013.

technology’s risk to humanity

The proposed CSER will study advanced technologies used in the recent decades that were remained unchecked and unabated in the past in the areas of healthcare, economics and communication and lot more. The invasion of computers and machines in human life will be examined by the center- reported the University on last Sunday.

As the subject of study by the CSER is highly debatable by different schools of thoughts, some are starting to question whether the high rate of technological growth will result in the survival of humanity or will end the all the human life. It looks the proposed center will address all these key issues raised from various developments from the areas of nanotechnology to artificial intelligence. Professor Price predicts that intelligence escapes the limitations of biology resulting a paradigm shift in human history and even in the cosmic history.

According to Price we should not take Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) for granted which otherwise will be disastrous. The interest on the Artificial General Intelligence has begun after an encounter with the Skype Co-founder Jann Tallin says Professor Price. He further clarifies that Jann Tallin is convinced that he was more likely to face death as a result of accident from Artificial General Intelligence instead of dreadful diseases like cancer or heart disease.

As per the team’s predictions that Artificial General Intelligence will surely escape from the constraints of biology and the humanity will  no longer be “the smartest things around” and could possibly leave humanity at the mercy of the machines which will not bother the interest of the humanity.

The entire community of scientists, medical experts, psychologists, IT engineers and even the country administrators across the world will be eager to know the study and findings of the Center for the Study of External Risk at the dawn of year 2013. The question of men over machine or machine over men will be in the minds of millions till the findings of the by Professor Price and his team is released at the Center for the Study of External Risk, an exclusive center at the famous Cambridge University. The findings of the CSER will surely become the talk of the world as made  by the recent news about the popular ‘God’s particle’ from Europe.

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