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Published on April 9th, 2014 | by Alice Aires


The Many Benefits Of IT Certifications

Professional certifications have a number of benefits. They (Professional Certifications) are widely appreciated in the information technology industry. These certifications are valuable means of improving and ensuring candidates’ skills. IT Certification also helps a certificate holder get an edge over his competitors.

Know Your Options

IT certifications are different in types. However, most of them undergo one of the two categories -vendor or skill-specific.

Vendor-specific IT certifications focus on certain skills related to the products and services of the vendor. For example, Microsoft Office Training offers certifications related to their products like Windows OS and Server credentials, while the certifications from IBM include the areas like systems administration and application development. Some of the well-known vendor-specific IT certifications include:

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • PMI
  • IBM

The Skill-specific IT certifications help to validate the career skills required for certain industries or job functions like project management, networking, security and others.

There are many IT certifications that are tiered, irrespective of their thrust areas. Associate certificates are the credentials for the new or less-experienced professionals. In the course of time, these professionals gain more experience in the industry. When they become a bit knowledgeable, they can go for higher and more advanced credentials known as expert professional certifications. It is worthy to mention here that most of the certification providers require a progressive earning, keeping pace with their years of experience and good knowledge. It would do well to the professionals to make a thorough research about the certification requirements. They could talk to the vendors directly to clarify the specific certificates that best suit their professional goals and experiences.

Making Better Use Of IT Certification

Established Expertise

With IT certifications, the skills of the professionals are validated for the relevant industries. This type of credential is a baseline of knowledge.

There are certain companies that back many of the certifications. It is quite natural that those companies would consider these certificates with significant values at the time of hiring of emplyees.

Employability and Job Security

In addition to validating the professional expertise, certifications affirm the commitments of the professionals to career-specific learning, which are greatly valued by employers. Studies conducted on employments have revealed that the hirers consider the certifications as a mark of potential workers.

However, it is important to mention here that just having certifications do not guarantee to grab a job. Certificate holders must possess the required execution skills. It is the day-to-day performance on which job security ultimately depends. It is also important to know that some certifications are more in demand than others.

Bigger Paychecks

Although just having an IT certification is not a guarantee for automatic salary increase, but there are some other factors, too. It should, however, be kept in mind that there could be variations in earnings depending on the kind of certification and location.


Certified IT professionals are a group of their own. Some of them, who have memberships, have more benefits. These networking communities and events are sometime managed through specific vendors. There are some others run by motivated professionals through either conference networks or online. The certified professionals have more power on the networking sites. They are good for those persons looking for better employment opportunities or supports on some specific projects.

Career Flexibility

It is always a better idea for IT professionals to have multiple certifications. These credentials not only sharpen and certify their skills, but also act as a means to open up new career doors for those who are looking for a change in career. The certifications make the experience well-rounded and help the professionals to supplement their growth opportunities both through further education and career experience.

Professional certifications should not be a one-time affair, especially in the IT industry as the industry is changeable, keeping pace with the technological changes. There are certain certifications that require professionals to undergo further education as a condition of re-certification. There are employers who promote workers to update their skill to cope with the new challenges and technological changes.

Bio: Alice Aires is a certified Microsoft Office specialist from Microsoft Office Training In Perth. She has years of experience in the IT industry.


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