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Tips to Counter Writer’s Block

If you write, you must be familiar with the agony of having writer’s block. It is really painful when you can’t get to find the words. It just feels like that you been stripped out of all creativity.

Although there can never be a universal step-by-step guide to counter this block, the techniques mentioned here have proven to work. So, if you are facing such a dilemma, adopting them might help you a lot.

 Take a Break

As many writers will agree, the best way to counter the block is to simply get a break from writing. It helps in recomposing yourself. Leave your desk, go out, may be drive somewhere or even go away for few days. This will help you relax, take pressure off you and you will feel fresh.


When a deadline is near, it is a common practice among writers to stay up late and get up early to finish work. It has been observed that sleep deprivation does not produce positive work results. Your mind will not be fresh and you will not be able to write. So sleep for regular hours and you will be energetic to write flawlessly in morning.

Just Write – Do Not Edit

Just sit down and write. Forget all about editing. Editing lets you find errors and puts you in logical frame of mind than being creative. So just keep writing and edit later. It is also good to take a break before editing so that your mind gets fresh. This way, you will be able to rectify the errors thoroughly and quickly. You can also acquire professional proofreading services at later stage.

Carry Pen & Notepad

It is a good practice to carry pen and a note pad with you all times. Any brilliant thought must be jolted down away. Although you might think that you will just remember it, in most of the cases people tend to forget. So keeping a paper and pen with you all times is a highly recommended.


Try reading. Reading other writers’  work can be inspirational. All the great writers read. It lets them think big and gives them insight.

Do Not Push Yourself

Creativity is total opposite of labor. It is a process where your mind does the work at its own pace. It can’t be compared to a 9-to-5 job. So do not push yourself to write a specific amount of content at all costs on daily basis. Being hard on yourself will just empower the block.

The Ideas Notebook

Keep a notebook on your desk dedicated just for ideas. When an idea comes to mind, no matter how small, write it down. It could be anything. Even if it does not seem fitting in to the context of what you are writing at that time. It might be of use later on. For example, if you are writing a novel, an idea can be anything, ranging from a name of some character to the alternate ending of the novel.

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