General Tips To Find A Good Publishing Company In India

Published on March 29th, 2014 | by Alice Aires


Tips To Find A Good Publishing Company In India

As we move across different states of India, we witness a colossal difference in the traditions and cultures followed. So varied are the upbringings, that there are bound to be differences in the tastes and preferences of people. From food to festivals – everything changes as you travel within the country. The most prominent differences are seen in the languages and dialects. This in turn affects their reading patterns. The choice of books varies with factors such as age, gender, and social status. The most commonly read books in India belong to the fiction genre. Non-fiction and self-help books are lesser in vogue and usually read by budding entrepreneurs. Fiction books on the other hand, are widely read across almost all sections of the society.

Tips To Find A Good Publishing Company In India

As an author, it is important that you look for a good publishing company. Especially in a country like India, it is crucial that you opt for a publisher who is able to cater to the right market segment, and also at the same time maximize your reach to the audience. Only when you get a wider reach, will you get your share of profits. These profits will be an indicator of the number of copies sold, which will directly tell you where you stand in terms of sales figures. You will also get recognition if your books are published well.

When you select a book publishing company from India, you should keep in mind some key considerations. A good book publisher will always welcome good ideas. The publishing house should have criteria of selecting or rejecting a piece of work. The work of an author should not be accepted solely on the fame of the author. Equal opportunity should be given to fresh talent. A reputed publisher will definitely have a team which will read the initial transcripts sent by multiple authors, and shortlist the best of the lot based on certain parameters. Once shortlisted, it is vital for the company to be able to publish your book in a decent span of time. The time lag between your submission and publication should not be very long. The earlier you are able to market your book, the better it is. A good publisher will also assist you with distribution. If you are a novitiate, you may not have good leads in the market; whereas a good publisher will have years of experience. Over time, the publisher would have built a good network of contacts. This will ensure good placement of your books at the best bookstores.

Since a reputed publishing company will have an established set of connections, it should ideally help you out with a book launch event. You can also have your book placed on the reviews section of the publisher’s website. The kind of services you receive from the publisher would definitely vary with the package you choose. Publishers these days offer customized packages to authors based on your requirements. For example, if you are a new author you could go for a complete package from publishing to marketing.


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