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Top 5 Best Android Apps for your Mobile

Newer, cooler models of mobile devices are hitting the consumer each day, and not surprisingly, Android phones comprise the majority of these newcomers. And to keep up with this inflow, there are literally millions of new, cool and free Android apps, making it darned difficult to decide which ones are good for your phone. This list of the latest (March 2013) top 10 best Android apps for your mobile should make things easy for you.  All these apps are adorable, and are available on Google Play Store – for free.

Cut the Rope

The going trend is to load your gadgets with virtual life edutainment. Cut the Rope is one of the latest games in this genre. Although the game’s objective of “feeding candy to On Nom” may seem quite juvenile, yet, when you actually start playing, you find it not only interesting and challenging, but also quite addictive. A must have, if you have possess a good Android phone, and have time on your hands. Tip: Simply swipe your finger across the rope to cut it.

Flow Free

As addictive puzzle games go, this is one of the best. In fact, at the time of going to review, Free Flow was the number one app on the charts. This game’s all about connecting matching colored pipes to start free flow within them – hence the name of the game. If it sounds simple, think again: with hundreds of levels and a host of challenges, Free Flow is bound to keep you hooked for hours. After all, if you inadvertently overlap a pipe, it could break, and you’ll be back to square one!

Temple Run 2

A fun-to-have app for your Android phone, Temple Run 2 is an interesting game that will keep you happy during those dreary times of no work, or those dull hours waiting for your flight. The plot is simple: get hold of the Temple’s accursed idol, and flee before the Evil Demon Monkeys can do you harm. Only, the plot becomes thicker with booby traps and other obstacles. Temple Run 2 is an improved version of Temple Run, with more challenging environments; bigger and more menacing monkeys; tougher obstacles; and new, more malevolent characters. The challenge becomes even tougher the second time around, as you fight your way through dangerous forests carpeted with mines and other dangers. A great game to have on your mobile!

Bad Piggies

Remember the super-hit app “Angry Birds?” Well, Bad Piggies takes off from where Angry Birds left off. Only you change your avatar this time, becoming a green “vehicle-building” piggie whose sole aim in life is to rob the birds of their eggs. Sound a bit tame? Try it out, and you’ll really freak out.

Marvel War of Heroes

Another edutainment offering, this one focusing on leadership skills. What better way to learn leadership than to train and lead an army of heroes as they go about vanquishing the bad guys! What’s more, you’ll be graded according to your performance! This riveting Android game, based on the Marvel comic book series, is ranked amongst Google Play Store’s best. Tip: Use special edition cards to enhance your armory and to give your own competencies a fillip.

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