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Top Careers In The Technology Sector

Remaining ahead of the curve as the world emerges from the last recession, the technology industry is booming and is seen by many as key to the future of the global economy. A career in the technology sector can also be a passport to personal prosperity for those who apply themselves and work their way up in the industry. This article looks at five of most exciting careers in the technology sector and what it takes to break into them.

Software Engineer

Not only in high demand just now but consistently sought-after over the past two decades, software engineers are the essential human component of the computer industry and can pull in annual salaries of $90,000 or more. This area is usually open only to individuals with a programming degree, but additional course work in the computer sciences can make individuals with degrees in other fields eligible. Membership in professional associations and professional certifications are a big plus when it comes to competing for the best positions in the software engineering field.

Petroleum Engineer

The rapid development of new oil and gas fields across North America means that highly skilled petroleum engineers are a proportionately scarce commodity. Salaries have soared accordingly, with some individuals earning $114,000 and up per year, and the boom shows no sign of slowing down. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is usually the minimum requirement, either with a petroleum engineering focus or followed by a master’s in that discipline. Contractors also need to qualify for licensing.

Systems Analyst

The steady growth of IT is good news for systems analysts, especially as this career option extends across multiple sectors in a rapidly strengthening economy. Capable analysts who combine technical ability with the know-how to make good decisions and handle responsibility can earn in the region of $78,000 to $90,000. A degree in computer science, IT, or a related field is usually required and it helps to have qualifications and experience related to the field in which one wishes to work (for example, commodities or biotechnology).

Aerospace Engineer

With more people flying than ever before and an increasing number of countries developing their aviation industries – plus exciting new developments taking place in the commercial space industry –there is a lot of demand for aerospace engineers. Salaries can start as high as $87,000, which makes the field even more attractive, but it does require a degree in either aerospace engineering itself, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, and a master’s will be needed for the best positions.

Web Developer

Every business needs a website and every high end website needs ongoing maintenance and innovative development so it can keep pace with changing user preferences and company agendas. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for web developers in a growing economy, and annual salaries average around $75,000. A relevant degree is usually required (although some individuals are able to break into the industry by demonstrating their abilities directly) and some hands-on experience is always a requirement, as is fluency in related programming languages, which change over time.

With so many fantastic options available, it is no surprise that more and more people are seeking careers in the technology sector and becoming successful in them.

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