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Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog

1. Making a Unique Statement

It is the biggest mistakes which are made by every blogger when it comes to tasks of commenting. No reader will comment on your blog or post without seeing both the side of the blog which means its favour and its against. Every content you will post must be contained with full of opinion. By giving your opinion regarding your articles you are inviting readers whether they agree or disagree. On the other side a blog which has the 2 possibilities of answers such type of blog should not be added.

2. Negative Comments are Posted to Attract the Reader

Nowadays many bloggers to attract their post write negative comments whether it is right or wrong and from my point of view it is unethical to give negative comment about a product or service to gain the attention of the reader. If you are disagreeing with someone’s comment than give negative comment. Lately you will be rewarded not in the wealth form but in the form of increasing your trafficking blog for being so honest.

3. Respond to any Comments

There are 2 main reasons for replying to comments. The foremost reason is you are giving respect to readers for their comments and encouraging them to do again and again by appreciating them. It shows how you care about the readers and create a friendly environment. The second reason of giving response to comment is that you are indirectly encouraging other readers to give quick back respond if any other reader commented. One Important guideline for every blogger while responding to comments write in the friendly tone manner because bloggers don’t like professional comments and readers too don’t like professional responses.

4. Write Short but Unique Content

The main thing to remember in the blog is about comment people generally comment after the article is posted on the blog. IF you have written your article more than 500+ words than you yourselves is telling your readers to read half the blog. To write the post in a more efficient way is to include all information of the article within 300 words. The main advantage of writing such type of article is you can frequently write posts without difficulty. This is not possible every time because most of the bloggers are busy in the daily scheduled.

5. Be Informative on a Particular Subject

Although you are thinking that you have become a successful blogger but the more you read is lesser for you so whenever you write a particular topic take guide from readers or ask them if they have any additional information regarding the subject. It will not increase your comments but your blog will become more informative on a particular topic

6. Failure has Advantages for Achieving Success

Although many bloggers want to share their success achieved in a particular area rather than another. There is nothing wrong in doing these but over a past few month I have visited many sites but the strange thing I found is most of the readers’ gets attracted and comment to post which have failures to achieve a specific goal. Never to be afraid to share or write about your failures of life in your blog, for some people it is enjoyable to read and comment on it.

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